Support Your Family Caregiver

If you have loved ones helping provide care as you age in place, make sure to give them respite breaks, connect them with training, and show appreciation. Avoiding caregiver burnout is crucial so they can joyfully support you over the long haul.

Stay On the Move

Driving is not the only transportation option for seniors aging in place. Explore public transit, volunteer driver services, shuttles and rideshares in your area. Mobility aids like scooters or wheelchairs can also empower you to get around town more easily. With an open mindset and the right assistance, you can maintain independence and keep engaging with people and places important to you.

Adopting Helpful Technologies

From intuitive voice-controlled assistants to medication reminders and remote monitoring devices, today’s innovations can promote safety and quality of life for us as we age. Let’s not be afraid to incorporate solutions that best fit our lifestyle needs and give us greater confidence and independence. By adopting technology, we can maintain active lives on our own terms.

Changing Societal Perspectives

It’s time we celebrate aging in place for the gift that it is! By staying visible and vocal in our communities, we can help challenge outdated assumptions about growing older. Regardless of age or ability, each of us has wisdom to share and meaningful ways to contribute every day. Our voices and stories have power – let’s redefine aging not as a period of decline but as a time of continued growth, purpose and community.

Redefine Long-Term Care Options

Consider creative living arrangements like multigenerational households or senior cohousing communities that reduce isolation and promote the exchange of support for seniors aging in place. For those needing more care, make nursing homes and assisted living more personalized and home-like while keeping residents engaged in the community. More options mean more ways to customize your ideal environment.

Prepare Legal and Financial Plans

Proactive legal and financial planning helps ensure that aging in place goes smoothly. Review estate plans and wills, establish advance directives for healthcare, confer with attorneys about power of attorney, and tidy up finances to afford costs and protect your wishes. When you organize yourself, it eases the road ahead.

Focus on Ability, Not Disability

Let’s reframe our views on aging to focus on what one is able to do rather than losses in capacity. With accommodating solutions, you can adapt to many daily activities to retain independence and find purpose while aging in place. Maintaining a positive perspective is key.

Growing older no longer equates to decline. By adopting supportive solutions and mindsets, we can redefine aging as a time of opportunity, growth and community until the very end of life through the empowering concept of aging in place. The possibilities for where and how to grow old are expanding every day. With an empowering vision, the golden years can truly be the best years yet.

Call us at 818-421-7667 to schedule your appointment or learn more about our services.Growing old has been seen as a time of inevitable decline, dependence, and disconnection for far too long. But with more empowering attitudes and the right support, our later years can truly be an uplifting season filled with purpose, growth, and community. This becomes possible when we redefine where and how we choose to age by embracing the concept of aging in place.

Make Your Home Truly Yours

To age comfortably in a familiar environment through aging in place, proactively personalize your home. Adaptations like grab bars, elevators, chairlifts, zero entry showers with easy wheelchair access, bathtubs for the aging as well as kitchen drawers that are labeled and easily accessible can make daily activities much more manageable. Kitchen lower countertops on islands with open leg room for easy wheelchair access can make our lives a lot easier. Other smart changes include touch-free faucets and video doorbells for added safety and convenience. The goal is to make thoughtful modifications so you can confidently and conveniently live your best life right where you feel most at home. This space should be bright, comfortable, accessible and beautiful. Fill your space with treasured memories and photographs that bring you joy each day.

Stay Connected in Community

One of life’s greatest joys is nurturing longtime friendships and relationships right in your community. Make it a priority to regularly socialize with neighbors and participate in local clubs or intergenerational programs that pique your interest. Volunteering is another uplifting way to stay engaged and feel purposeful while aging in place. Combat isolation by nourishing your mind, body, and spirit through valuable social connections nearby.

Bring Quality Care into Your Home

Thanks to telehealth advancements, it’s easier than ever to access healthcare from home while aging in place. From virtual doctor appointments to part-time home health aides to medical equipment delivered right to your doorstep, you now have more options to obtain care and assistance while maintaining maximum comfort and independence.

Plan for Your Future

Planning finances proactively is essential to achieve your goals for where and how to age comfortably through aging in place. Review retirement savings, insurance policies and projected healthcare costs. Consult professionals about options like reverse mortgages to fully understand the possibilities. The key is protecting resources so you can pay for emergency expenses, hire help as needed, and ensure long-term stability and security.




Q: What home modifications help with aging in place?

A: Useful home modifications include installing grab bars in bathrooms, improving lighting, adding ramps or chairlifts, and replacing flooring with non-slip options to improve accessibility and safety.

Q: How can technology assist with aging in place?

A: Helpful technologies include medical alert systems, video doorbell cameras, voice-activated assistants, medication reminders, and telehealth services to provide care and monitoring from home.

Q: What community resources support aging in place?

A: Local senior centers, volunteer driver programs, meal delivery services, and in-home care providers offer important social connection, transportation, nutrition and personal care assistance so seniors can comfortably age at home.

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

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