The determined CEO of Eileen Gould Design & Construction, is a pioneer and the first female builder in Ventura County and the Greater Los Angeles area.

Time for a Transformation.

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Eileen Gould Design & Construction

Eileen Gould Design & Construction, a distinguished interior design and contracting company, has been transforming spaces from Malibu to Santa Barbara and all areas in between since 1986. Helmed by licensed interior designer and general contractor Eileen Gould, the firm expertly crafts personalized residential, commercial, and age-in-place designs tailored to each client’s unique vision. With a commitment to exceptional quality, Eileen and her team have garnered prestigious accolades, such as the Women’s Referral Service Award and features in the Los Angeles Times. Trust in the firm’s 30+ years of experience to bring your dream space to life, skillfully blending beauty and function.

Refresh Your Home.

If you’ve been in your home for a while, try these simple ideas from Eileen Gould Design & Construction to make it feel new again:

  • Clear away extra furniture and keep countertops clean.
  • Move around your furniture and pictures for a change.
  • Add fresh paint or a colorful accent wall.
  • Bring in new throw pillows for a fresh look.
  • Update the hardware on your cabinets.
  • Make the outside of your home inviting with bright flowers.


Package 1

Depending on the project size

  • Full design drawings including floor patterns, furniture layouts, lighting plans, millwork, details and all elevations
  • Creation of a realistic budget and the management of that budget
  • Full paint schedule and color consultation
  • Frequent site visits to ensure that the design is being adhered to
  • Communication with builder and trades
  • Sourcing of all required building materials
  • Sourcing of all furniture, lighting and decor
  • Window coverings and accessories

Package 2

Materials to flow

A collaborative Pinterest board to pinpoint your design style and preferences.

  • A look and feel inspiration moodboard and initial furniture layout options
  • A color palette for your space
  • Pattern, texture and finish details including paint and wallpaper selections (if needed)
  • A product moodboard with carefully selected items for your space including all key furniture items, lighting, soft furnishings and accessories (where needed)
  • A furniture layout plan drawn to scale with your new items
  • A clickable shopping list with links to online shops to allow you to purchase as and when you are ready
  • A Set-Up and Styling Guide to talk you through hanging artwork, styling your surfaces and much more!
  • One revision of your design or alternative product options (if needed)
  • Ongoing communication and advice from our interior designer

Package 3

Kitchen Package

  • Includes a designer site visit (up to 2 hours) and full measurements and photography of your kitchen
  • Includes working with you to complete design drawings and elevations of your new kitchen
  • Includes review of up to 3 contractors quotes (recommendations provided if required)
  • Full sourcing of all materials, cabinetry, lighting, furniture and cabinet hardware
  • Complete colour consultation for painting as well as professional paint schedule
  • Complete consultation on window coverings if required
  • 2 Site visits during construction to ensure the project is going smoothly

Package 4

Depending on the project size

  • Includes initial site visit (up to 2 hours)
  • Recommendation of contractors
  • Working with you on colors, cabinetry styles and stone selections
  • Rough lighting layout and recommendation
  • 1 site visit during construction


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