Eileen Gould has worked on multiple and diverse projects but when it comes to updating the house, the trickiest room has always been the kitchen. For some of us, it is just another room for culinary needs and gets most of the attention from its owners, but it is as much an integral room for buyers as it is for owners.

Gould ensures that a kitchen is not only updated with state-of-the-art accessories but makes the entire kitchen experience enjoyable too. When looking for an update, the first thing which catches my attention is the cabinets. You can either get them right and keep up with the updated, modern look or leave it outdated and drag down the entire outlook of the space.

Here’s what you need to know about each option. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Working on an array of projects, Gould’s insight on custom kitchen cabinets is that they are top-tier options of course. 


You can have them custom-made to match the kitchen’s unique look. Plus, this gives you a chance to have whichever features you wish to be added to that space, for instance, soft-close drawers, a custom island or an appliance garage.

The other benefit of custom cabinets is that you have access to the finest workers who make sure to give that fine finesse to your cabinets. Working with a professional artisan has its perks and they ensure the process is smooth and yields desired results for you.

You can pick and choose the color combinations you want, ranging from anything neutral to bold and bright. Whatever you envision, you can have it executed. You can maybe have your lower cabinets colored in one hue and the upper in another. The choices are diverse.


However, with the bright sides come the downsides too.

One major disadvantage is that this kind of customized remodeling costs way more than the rest. You need to set aside an extra budget in order to have custom-made cabinets. They are more time taking in terms of being built, designed, or installed.

For someone who aims to live in the same house for a long, long time, custom cabinets are the perfect way to go, but for people who might end up selling it in near future would require picking something more time and cost-efficient.

Ready-made Kitchen Cabinets


If we compare the cost, ready-made cabinets are obviously cheaper and faster to pick and choose from. It is convenient as you can take the ready-made drawers or doors to your house on the same day. You might have to spend time assembling it though.


However, the quality of a ready-made cabinet is lower in comparison to custom-made one. They are usually constructed out of cheap materials and do not last long. Another downside to purchasing cheap ready-made cabinets is that they need to be installed by you personally. In case you decide to hire help, you would be required to pay them extra for that labor which in turn will not make the cabinet purchase cost-effective.

Along with that, there are fewer size options with this cabinetry in particular. You may not be able to find sizes that cater to your personal needs. The material of ready-made cabinets is also not very sturdy or resilient which is the basic requirement of kitchen cabinets as their use may be a bit rough and by multiple people.

Along with other limitations, there is the limitation of design options as well in the case of ready-made cabinets. You will not be able to satiate your personal needs and would have to work with whatever they have in store. This might end up being a major hindrance in your way of creating the perfect kitchen look you envisioned.

What is the Right Choice for you?

This is for each homeowner to decide. Eileen Gould is a professional you can consult on this matter and get guidance as per your personal preferences. What works for you and your house is what you need to opt for, provided that you are handing this daunting task over to a professional.

Contact Eileen Gould Design and Construction for different ideas for kitchen cabinets.


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