Brown color has never been an easy choice but has mostly been the obvious choice. It, however, carries with it the reputation of being outdated, but designers like Eileen Gould, who have an eye for what they wish their interiors to look like, can easily make brown the new trend.

Gould has been incorporating brown in households where the clients require a more grounded, earthy, and neutral look to the house because let’s admit it, neutrals are safe throughout the evolving eras.

From cappuccino and taupe shades to rich chestnut and dark chocolate, we believe that brown offers a broad spectrum for assorting an array of looks ranging from calm and nurturing to sophisticated ones.

Here are a few ideas Gould has successfully executed.

A Brown Scheme with Touches of Whites

Eileen Gould has managed to create an all-brown scheme with touches of white, adding to the entire space’s beauty. The blend of white to neutral tones like brown adds that wow factor to the entire outlook of the room.

Also, brown is a warm tone that gives inhabitants a cozy, close-to-nature feeling. Gould has mastered the art of playing with colors throughout her vast experience and ensures the delivery of nothing less than perfection

Warm Minimalism is the New Thing

Another reason why brown tones are much preferred among bold ones is that they bring a more subtle appearance to the setting. Other than that, it adds to the warmth and simplicity in form and color.

Eileen Gould has had the courtesy to work with a diverse range of clients, each one with a different need. Some clients like to keep it down-to-earth and simple. Therefore, Gould has managed to make brown the new thing no matter how outdated it seems.

Brown Color: The Perfect Fit to all Kinds of Preferences

The best part about incorporating brown into any design or style is that it sits well with all sorts of tones. You can add bold colors to make the room look simple yet loud at the same time. It can be used with minimalistic tones, preferably hues, where the entire color scheme is very well blended.

Eileen Gould has a portfolio of all her projects from major renovations to redesigning and designing from scratch. She has had to deal with all sorts of preferences, which is why all her projects speak volumes about her vision as an interior designer and what she believes in. 

She has been able to tailor to the requirements of the clients and has been able to not follow but set trends herself. With brown tones, she has been able to redefine the interior designing space and how the old can be the new “new”.

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