The color of your walls have a dramatic effect on the value of your house.Bold & Bright Color Scheme Ideas can change the whole vibe of your space.This by no means mean that you need to play it safe of course, but over the period of time, various reports suggest that homes using more white in their color schemes have lost value than the ones using color.Bold & Bright Color Scheme can bring life to a room.

However, we are still afraid of taking bold steps when it comes to colors. The paint of the house is such a crucial part of the house, where if you get it wrong, it will scream how wrong it is, but if you get it right, no one will even notice. Here are eight ways to help you pick your perfect shade.

Here is how you can pick the right shades for your home without being afraid to choose colors.

Go for Layering

The more important question is, how do you know this is the one?

The right color of course. It is recommended that you start off with a neutral background without making the shade bland or boring.

You have the freedom to create a neutral version of any color you want and then go into its darker or lighter shade. You can go for greys, caramels and sandy tones for that matter and make them stand out.

All of these work well and you can use accent colors of your choice to go with them.

Work around with Dark Neutrals

It is perfectly fine to use dark colors for painting your homes. This is a huge misconception that painting a room dark gives it a smaller outlook. In fact, it can be contrary to this popular belief. The trick is to choose a dark shade of your choice.

Go for a chalky version of the color you prefer. Darker tones end up falling in the neutral category and they act as just the perfect backdrop for hanging art.

Contemplate your Ideas for Usage of Space

Way before you start thinking which color you want for your space, sit and figure out how you plan on utilizing that space as each room of the house requires an entirely different aura.

Your bedroom will obviously have an entirely different outlook than your kitchen which needs to look more vibrant and inviting, in which case you would want to go for brighter colors of course.

Softer colors have a more tranquil effect and dark and moody colors create a cocoon-like effect.

Stay Clear of Ongoing Trends

Never go for a color solely based on the fact that it is an ongoing trend. Once you decide to follow trends, the room will eventually feel outdated.

It is better if you conduct thorough research on social media, draw inspiration from there and your surroundings and then pick what you want for your house. The effect of that will stay longer than any trend.

Any trend that is at boom is bound to vanish. It is just a matter of time.

It is better to follow your choice which will be timeless because painting and repainting can be a tedious task.

People tend to be afraid of using colors but that is a misconception that professionals are clarifying now with their work. Eileen Gould has designed spaces where clients have chosen colors of their choice, from very bold ones to simple and neutral ones.


She makes sure the space becomes alive with the color, accessories and the furniture. She proves how there is no reason to be afraid of using colors. You just need to know the right way to incorporate them.


Eileen’s Takeaway!

As an expert in my field I suggest put samples of the colors you are thinking about in samples around different areas and different rooms. I also like to use the color full strength in larger rooms, while in smaller areas use the color with a warm white mixed together. What that means is I use 75% of the color and 25% of the white, or 50% of each. It creates consistency and interest throughout the space.

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