Interior designers are basically artists who reveal their talent on spaces as their canvas. Ideally, a designer should be given ample time and the creative space to create and execute his vision combined with what the clients want. Improvisations are always great.

There are mandatory questions for clients by designers like Eileen Gould for more clarity on what needs to be done. 

  • Deciding a Budget

This is the one conversation designers and clients are hesitant to have, but is the most crucial one before anything is finalized. Eileen Gould is a professional who knows her work. She makes sure her clients are comfortable holding important discussions such as budgeting around her.

Her friendly presence makes the people around her comfortable enough to talk about things openly. Clients usually make vague statements when it comes to explaining what their budget is. It is mandatory that it is asked in the initial meeting so the designer is aware of how she needs to go about the material, labor, and other processes involved.

  • Design Style and Vision

It is integral that the vision clients have is one the designer is comfortable working on as well. If the designer masters the modern form of interior design and the client is looking for something vintage, then the client should be referred further.

Gould is an all-rounder as she specializes in both traditional-classics and contemporary designs. Her portfolio is a reflection of her creativity and vast experience. With clear vision and ideas, and knowledge of how the design market works Eileen ensures her clients receive exactly what they desire, with a pinch of love and expertise.

  • Decide a Timeframe

As important as finalising a budget is, deciding a timeframe is equally important. The client needs to be transparent when he expects the work to be done. If he presents statements like, “whatever suits you” or “as soon as you can” this means he is unclear and may expect delivery of a project on unrealistic deadlines.

Eileen Gould is famous for her work delivered on time. She understands clients might get agitated and require things done smoothly but swiftly, however, she will give clients deadlines that can work for the project. Each project has a different timeframe and with mutual consent, she decides to move forth.

  • Worked with a Designer Previously

If the client has worked with a designer previously and decided to switch now, he needs to be asked why he chose to do so. He may have genuine reservations and reasons but at the same time, the designer needs to evaluate the response in order to understand if the client-designer partnership would be a healthy one or not.

Gould is one of the few designers who are utterly devoted to their work and client satisfaction is their utmost priority. Going through customer reviews will make it clear how it has been a pleasure for people to work with her and how she was able to execute everything with the least bit of hassle.

  1. Goals for the Project

It is of utmost importance to discuss goals with the clients regarding the project. Eileen is a competent designer who with her team aspires to revolutionize the interior designing arena. 

Therefore, she asks all the important questions regarding the space that needs to be worked on; what the space is like, what colors are required to be incorporated, how much of the room will be redesigned, and what will be kept the same. 

Eileen’s goal is to create a space the client loves and this speaks volumes of the time, effort, and devotion she puts in. 

Along with goals, budget, style, etc, I think the bottom line lies in the fact of whether you can work with this person or not. Whoever you hire will be someone you will spend long amounts of time shopping with, going over materials with and ultimately being there during construction. It is so important that you and the designer/contractor like each other, respect each other, and can have honest and open conversations.

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