Eileen Gould is a brand behind which is a hard-working woman who has made a mark in the design arena with her keen interest in interiors. Gould and her team have the finest skills and are best at what they do.

However, if you are someone who is looking for a designer to help change the outlook or indoors of your space, there are a few things Gould proposes should be done before getting into a deal of any sort.

Eileen Gould

Surf through Interior Design Magazines, Catalogs, or Social Media

One is never too sure of what one wants. You may have a certain color combination for interior design in mind but might end up being inspired by an entirely different one later. Therefore, conducting research is important.

Browse through different catalogs and magazines to clear your head. Get an idea of what your preferences are before making a decision. Contact Eileen Gould and her team for a consultation. Browse through her work and see what the trends are and how she chooses to work.

Once you have more clarity on what you want, go ahead.

Once you know what you are looking for, there are certain questions you should ask Eileen Gould before relying on her instincts for perfection.

  • How do you describe your style?

What is mandatory is to know how broad her vision is. Gould has worked on multiple projects where she has amalgamated trends with classics and made interior design stand out. She has a clear vision and ideas of how she wishes to go about the project. 

She can incorporate and execute all sorts of designs ranging from eclectic to romantic and serene. Her specialty is interior design and she has the skill set to mold and combine colors and bring out beautiful results.

  • Which Design Services are Offered?

Eileen Gould is a name of the trust. She has been a part of the industry for decades and knows her way around designing. It is integral to understand how the designer works and for that you need to go through the portfolio. 

Luckily, Gould is an all-rounder when it comes to interiors. She can very skillfully renovate your house, help you with home decor or simply design and redesign the entire space for you. 

Visit her website to understand more about her work. She believes in a simplistic approach with a touch of boldness.

  • How Affordable is it?

A competent designer is well aware of the fact that everyone has a different budget and work needs to be accomplished accordingly. With Gould, less is more. She understands the pertinence of adjusting her work deals according to the budget of her client.

Her competence as a designer is unmatched. She will patiently hear your ideas out and give you her input on how things can be done. Once a budget is established, she ensures she provides quality work to her clients in what the clients can afford.

  • What inspires the Design?

Every art is inspired by one thing or another. Keeping in view, Gould has immense experience in her field as an interior designer and contractor. She has worked on multiple projects in Malibu and other eminent areas, which is why she understands the importance of inspiring designs.

Visit her website to see more of her work and how every design she has worked on, is inspired and tends to inspire the viewer further.

Eileen Gould is a compassionate and devoted interior designer, who with her team, has been able to satisfy clients. She has worked on numerous projects and managed to carry out the visions of clients. My advice to all potential clients prior to my visit is to do a little homework. This homework is for me to really get to know who you are so I can implement the style you want as well as be one with your lifestyle.

The questions are as follows:

1-Make a priority list

2-Make a wish list

3-Have a realistic budget

4-Find rooms you love and rooms you hate that relate to your project.

Always have both or all parties involved with the project be at the first meeting.

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