It is rare when we come across a client who is willing to begin from scratch and build on it. There is always something you own that can be incorporated into the new decorating plan. Some of the basic questions that you ask yourself before proceeding are what is it that you want? Do you love it? Are you happy to have it for a longer period of time? What style works for you? Does it integrate well with the décor and setting you want? Can it be remodeled if needed? These and many other questions are which need to be addressed before the actual action takes place.

Designs that Inspire you most

When you open old photographs and look back, you immediately focus on the backgrounds as well. The designs chosen back then give you a certain feeling associated with them. That is how important interior design according to your preference is. Listed below are a few designs that may inspire you and make your photographs, memories, and lifestyle something to remember.

Transitional Design

A transitional design flaunts symmetry, well-defined lines, and less clutter. It is more of an upgraded version of the conventional style but has a more modern touch to it. The edges of the soft furnishings are more rounded and simpler. This style has a more sophisticated feel to it.

Traditional Design

Traditional or conventional design is usually more calming and cozy. The furniture is sturdy and strong while the woodwork is inclined more towards intricacy. Since this design has a sense of grandeur attached to it, it adds elegance to the space.

Arts and Crafts Design

The distinguishing features of an arts and crafts design are fine lines and loads of woodwork. More wood and organic curves are the main features of this style. Frank Lloyd Wright and Gustav Stickley were other well-known Arts and Crafts designers. Using them as an inspiration, more culture can be incorporated into your rooms.

 Coastal Design

The coastal design features more whitewashed wood, soft blues, driftwood tones, and beach accessories. If it is not an actual beach house you are decorating, do not go overboard with the accessories.

Mid-Century Modern Design

It is always great to blend natural colors and clean silhouettes to create just the right vintage look. Overdoing will lead to it looking more like a museum, which is not the goal. The goal is to keep that perfect balance and attain the mid-century design look with a hint of contemporary design. The best way to do this is to decorate with limited accessories. Accessorizing helps give the right look along with the furniture.

Contemporary Design

The main features of a modern design are sleek lines, reflective surfaces, covered lighting, and more black, white, and grey. These are all classic elements of a modern design. It brings with it its own level of sophistication and elegance.

French Country Design

Some of the basic aspects of French country design are inverted furniture legs, ornate carvings, roosters, pitchers of flowers, and toile fabrics. This is a design that with time can be taken to perfection.

Industrial Design

Some aspects of industrial design are dominant and appeal to the human eye. The exposed brick and the rusty lights of the early 90s are features that can be incorporated to date. There is no particular remodeling required here. All you will have to do is uncover the covered walls and ceilings.

Shabby Chic/Cottage Design

Although the aforementioned category sounds similar but they are different at the same time., you will, however, need to take soft fabric and mix and match it well. Used furniture, flowers, candles, and soft lights are the way to go. Along with this, ruffles and skirts on the furniture would help you attain just the right look.

You cannot Decide which one.

It is completely understandable to be unable to decide which design to pick for your house and make it your signature style. It is advisable to mix new and old furnishing in order to develop your own signature interior design style. It is also best if you let the interior designer help you out with it.

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