Wow, we are already in the 2nd month of 2019.


Our dreams, goals and hopes are all very fresh in our minds. We looked at last year’s accomplishments that made us happy and the achievements that didn’t happen. Now we have a clean slate.

Whether you want to expand your business, buy property, fix your space due to fire damage, this can all be overwhelming. As Oprah would say, “What I know for sure” is that all our journeys can be beautiful.

Below please find 5 things to remember about becoming more organized and creating a space for you to dream and expand your mind.

  1. Purging is great. Throw away, donate, shred paper (obviously not important documents) or just get rid of anything you haven’t looked at in 6-8 months.
  2. Choose colors that resonate with you. Blue is calming, red is energizing, while grey is composed, effortless and sophisticated. One of the top colors is a soft grey – Benjamin Moore’s AF-690, Color: Metropolitan
  3. Only have things that make you smile in your space.
  4. Using timeless colors and timeless design helps you to not have to redecorate as often
  5. Comfortable, safe and sustainable keeps our environment intact, our risk of getting hurt at a limit, and our feelings of being in a beautiful space timeless.

For you I wish the greatest year yet. Let us help you create that space for you.

contact Eileen Gould for creative interior designs.

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