There will always be densely populated areas where finding a large home or apartment is difficult, at best. Unfortunately, if you do manage to find one in these locations, the price will likely be more than the average person can afford.

In recent years, living spaces have gotten smaller. But smaller can be trendy, so there’s no excuse for boring decor. Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your small rooms in a modern and chic way:

Start With the Living Room

The living room is typically the first space in your home that guests see. If they’re indifferent, that’ll likely be the impression they take with them. Here are some ways to liven up your living room:

Go light! If you have a dark tile or wood floor, lighten the room with a large, light-colored rug. This will instantly give your room the illusion of more space.

Mix fabrics! You don’t want every piece of furniture to look identical. Start with a bright, solid-colored sofa, then a patterned fabric for your love seat.

Drapes should be floor to ceiling! This will give your room the illusion of height.

Hide-Away Pieces

When searching for a coffee table, look for one that includes end tables with storage underneath or one that opens up for storage. You can also do a sofas with a trundle, as well as an ottoman that opens up for extra space.

Look Up!

When tasked with designing a smaller room, it’s crucial to draw the eye up. You can use paintings or photos, but you’ll create a more dramatic effect if you utilize an ornate, full-length mirror. Want even more drama? Hang some small pots of herbs overhead.

Keep It Simple

In the bedroom, go for a single, light color (white, tan or cream), and use this color throughout your bathroom, as well. This will be your primary color. A bright yellow, lilac or lime green on the floor will make your bathroom pop.

Fold-Down Furniture

Never waste space. An empty corner is a great place to place a desk that folds down when needed and flips up when not in use. Also, you can build cubby holes into the wall behind it.

Hang nets, similar to those used to store children’s toys, under your stairs. These are great for books, umbrellas, sweaters, scarves, or any other items you need handy, but kept out of the way. A clean space makes a huge difference in a tiny room.

Bonus Tip

Take full advantage of your patio and/or balcony. Use rolling fabric drapes over your windows and set up a patio set with a small table and chairs. Buy a large umbrella to give the area shade. When the patio is not being used, store the umbrella away. Leaving your blinds open to your patio or balcony will provide the illusion of a much larger space.


A large, cluttered home can be underutilized and difficult to live in; however, even a tiny space can be designed for convenience. Smaller homes force you to be creative with your interior design and get organized. Do you have any design tips for a tiny room?

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