Lounging on your (admittedly meh) couch drooling over home decor magazines is one way to spend a Saturday. But how about actually creating your own cozy oasis?

Before you eschew the idea with an “I’d love to, but [insert excuse here],” We want you to know that transforming your home into the space you’ve been pining over (and Pinning over) actually is possible—you just might need an assist.

Eileen Gould Design and Construction Inc. provides the included but not limited to these professional services.

Ready for the upgrade? Scroll down for her 5 reasons to take the interior design plunge.

homepolish interior design

1. They’ll find things you’ve never seen—or help you make them

Your talent for finding chic home decor Instagram accounts knows no bounds, but actually hunting down the pieces pictured in those photos is a next-level skill. With your personal designer on deck, you can trust they’ll do all the detective work for you.

“I am a big fan of vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces,” Vasquez says. “Sometimes this involves morning flea market trips, but I also have go-to vendors when I know I’m looking for a particularly unique gem.”

And if the exact piece you’ve dreamed up doesn’t exist (props to you for being so creative) your designer can help your vision materialize into actual furniture. “There are so many talented young furniture designers these days that [you can get] a completely unique piece that is only yours, and you’re supporting a local business,” Vasquez says. “I call that a win-win.”

homepolish interior design

2. You’ll score some awesome discounts

Not that your bargain-hunting skills aren’t totally prime, but finding deals is your interior designer’s literal job—so you (and your bank account) can rest easy knowing you definitely got the best price on that antique-style vanity you’ve always wanted.

“Besides using trade discounts, being aware of big sales, or knowing inexpensive yet high quality vendors, a good designer should be able to narrow in on what you’re looking for quickly, and then design the home of your dreams with an ease that you may never have been able to achieve on your own,” Vasquez says. Three cheers for making it look easy (and saving money).

homepolish interior design

3. You’ll save a ton of time

“The main benefit is that it turns transforming your space from something that could potentially be super stressful and time consuming into (hopefully) an incredibly fun, easy and creative experience,” says Vasquez. “I don’t think there is any way hiring an interior designer doesn’t save you time.” How’s that for major busy-person appeal?

Homepolish designers handle everything in the process so you can focus on the other things that occupy your super busy days—like nailing your work assignments and sweating it out at hot yoga. From helping you pick out the pieces you want, placing the orders, and handling returns (which can be a total headache)—Homepolish is basically your personal design guru.

homepolish interior design

4. It’s an investment that will pay off

You’d never plan on giving up your dream home (obviously), but sometimes, life happens. Investing in your home’s design will help ensure you turn a tidy profit if you have to move on.

“By investing in interior design you give yourself an immediate advantage over other homes in your neighborhood,” Vasquez says. “Those homes may have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but because you have a brand new, gorgeous kitchen renovation, your home immediately becomes more desirable and therefore sells more easily for a higher price.”

homepolish interior design

5. You’ll end up with a space that’s uniquely you

Carbon-copying that bedroom you found on Pinterest sounds nice in theory—but it wouldn’t leave you with a personality-filled space that feels like home. And for Vasquez, that’s one of the most important parts of interior design.

“I think individuality is crucial to a space feeling personal,” she says. “My greatest advice for creating a space that reflects your personality is don’t follow trends, but rather choose items that you love and make you happy the moment you see them.”

The verdict: It might be time to start looking at your vision board as a source of inspo (rather than a game-plan you need to execute)—and letting an expert fulfill your dream-digs status.

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