Experiment with neutral palettes, pendant lights and lots of metal.

The East End is known for its extravagant backyard landscapes—private docks overlooking the bay and pin-stripped chaise lounges perched under outdoor pergolas. But the gorgeous cedar–shingled home exteriors and the sprawling hydrangea gardens we’ve come to associate with the Hamptons do not mean we’ve forgotten the importance of a thoughtful, beautiful interior.

Quite the contrary—interiors are a crucial part of your personal space. So what kinds of indoor decor trends are we seeing on the East End this year? Keep reading to find out some of the most popular trends in indoor decor.

Whitewashing with pops of blue. This classic combination will always be associated with Hamptons living because together, white and blue evoke airiness, spaciousness, and of course, the beach. Incorporating pops of blue in a mostly white interior can be as simply as including blue throw pillows on a couch or investing in white-and-blue china for the dining room.

Natural tones. Anything with a neutral palette will always fly in East End interior decor. Neutral-toned curtains allow more natural lighting in, and furniture made from distressed driftwood gives an overall more beach-y feel without being too overt.

Statement pendant lights. It wouldn’t be a Hamptons-area kitchen without lots of white, Shaker-esque cabinets and statement pendant lights hanging over the countertop. Cooking and baking are massively popular hobbies for many Hamptonites, so statement pendant lights are the most efficient way to highlight the area where homemakers hone their culinary skills.

Greenery. The East End might be known for its sunflowers, hydrangeas and other beautiful outdoor gardens surrounding in-ground pools, but that’s not to say greenery can’t live inside, too. Houseplants not only provide health benefits like purifying the air, but they can also really spice up an interior and add some life to a space.

Indoor/outdoor living. Why categorize your space into one or the other when you can transform your space into one that serves two purposes? Indoor/outdoor living has been steadily growing as a trend on the East End with porcelain pavers as the flooring of choice—they can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Experimenting with metals. Mixing metals is no longer a no-no in interior design; in fact, 2018 has encouraged this trend, as we’ve seen more and more of it. Metals like brass and nickel, or gold and silver, can happily co-exist as long as most of the other décor elements stay neutral. Think: a silver pouf but a gold throw pillow or a rose-gold wire end table with silver elements incorporated into the hardware.

Wicker basket storage. There’s almost no other indoor decor trend that screams “East End” like wicker baskets. Wicker baskets can be used for storage purposes or just for show. Use them to add some neutral texture to a space and as a way to organize things like photo albums, magazines, cleaning supplies, cookbooks, and more. Aside from being practical and useful for storage, wicker evokes subtle beachy vibes when it comes to interior style.

Còsagach. According to Interiors by Just Design, còsagach is the Scottish version of Danish hygge, a comfort trend that’s exploded within the past year. Similar to hygge, còsagach—which is pronounced kaw-sa-goch—focuses on coziness, comfort, and warmth. Think cozy, chunky-knit blankets, elements of nature incorporated indoors (like the aforementioned greenery trend), and chairs and other furniture that’s, first and foremost, comfortable.

Mirrors. The best way to create the illusion of more space, to incorporate metals—and to highlight other neutral colors in your interior decor plans—is to add a mirror. Mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms—hang a mirror in any room of the house, from the hallway to the foyer to a sitting room.

Metal bar carts. Another great way to incorporate the aforementioned “mixed metals” indoor decor tip is to purchase a metal bar cart. Bar carts in themselves are a trend on the rise, as they’re perfect for socializing and hosting when you’re having guests over, and they are an especially aesthetically pleasing way to display the alcohol you have in the house. Bar carts can always be spruced up by adding a coffee table book, a vase of flowers, or a cup of straws (and other necessary things for a bar cart like glassware and a cocktail shaker)

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