With the increase in home décor/renovation shows and influencers on social media, more people are being exposed to high-end design, which is what they are expecting in multifamily communities.

Over the past 20 years, there have been multiple shifts in interior trends, especially in multifamily communities. Today, we live in a world where technology and convenience take priority and are at the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

The industry has evolved from apartments with peep holes and door knockers to now where apartments can be controlled by apps from the convenience of a cell phone. Units and common spaces are being equipped with smart technology, providing comforts and capabilities equivalent to trends being found in the residential home market.

With the increase in home décor/renovation shows and influencers on social media, more people are being exposed to high-end design, which is what they are expecting in multifamily communities.

There are some current design trends that stand out that will prevail in multifamily housing for years to come. With these high-end designs more accessible to the public, renters alike are aspiring for more refined, modern living spaces with technology driving the design.

Luxury finishes & decor

We have seen a shift in preference in units from granite countertops to quartz,  which offers a generally brighter, cleaner and more modern look—an aesthetic that is undeniably trending right now.

In terms of lighting, unit lighting has been upgraded to include track lighting, pendants and generally much more decorative fixtures than utilitarian.

In the bathroom, apartment units are seeing more glass enclosed showers versus the typical shower/tub combination with shower curtains. Touch-free faucets and rain showerheads are also on the rise.


When it comes to unit flooring, cost and aesthetics are driving the change. Gone are the days of wood flooring in the main living spaces with carpet in the bedrooms. Residents are desiring faux wood flooring in all living spaces, including bedrooms. This flooring meets both the pricing demands of developers and the design aesthetics of renters today.


Common space amenities that are trending now include upscale pet spas, as well as large bike storage facilities. These bike facilities are no longer an after-thought; they are well designed, well-lit and positioned close to the main amenities. The typical cafe coffee bars from years past are now becoming juice bars to reflect today’s trend towards healthy living. Larger fitness centers with fitness-on-demand technology and yoga spaces are being designed. Some apartment properties are investing in Peloton bikes or bringing in instructors for spinning or yoga on site at the property, to provide that sense of exclusivity to their tenants.

Outdoor living spaces are also a very important amenity. These spaces feature luxury pools, big screen TV’s, fire pits, grilling stations and pet play areas. Activities such as bocce ball and table tennis are being designed into these outdoor living spaces. These areas are extensions of the tenant’s home and are a must-have.

Common Areas

Another design trend that stands out in multifamily living is multiple functional spaces within one larger area, such as the lobby. A variety of different seating and gathering spaces are designed so that one can work privately, but still feel a sense of community and connection with their fellow neighbors using the same space. Plenty of charging stations are built in for those that work from home but do not want to be isolated in their own apartment. Co-working spaces are viewed as a tremendous value add to residents, with the increased numbers of people that work from home.

With these current multifamily design trends becoming more prevalent in apartment communities, consumers who prefer to rent over owning have numerous options, conveniences and luxuries providing them the lifestyle they desire.

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