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Over the years, we’ve discussed so much: floor coverings like laminate, cork and linoleum. We’ve also talked about the fabulous options available to liven up your walls, from new colorful paint to artwork. We’re not shy about the power of good lighting, either. Or plants. But we’ve somehow virtually ignored one enormous staple of interior design. Today, please allow us to correct the omission.

Let’s talk: the area rug.

Till now, we’ve only devoted three lines to this magnificent design tool Without a doubt, the right area rug can literally transform a space from humdrum to breathtaking within minutes. This post is dedicated to the art of picking just the right rug for your room. As we view some fabulous specimens from the internet, we’ll also share tips that can be used to ensure that your choice of rug will impress for years to come.

No matter the size, the living room is a perfect spot to place a rug. Many of us are under the impression that if one’s living room is on the tiny side, a rug will just make it appear smaller. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Take advantage of your space’s coziness by using a strategically-placed small rug to bring people to together, like in this pic. The eye-catching rug “tells” visitors where to sit, encouraging socialization and eliminating a crowded appearance, even though there is another large piece of furniture less than a yard away.

If you have more space to work with, you might use a rug that covers more of the floor. This choice is generally recommended only when there is absolutely no danger of the rug shrinking your living space and potentially making it less comfy to… well, “live” in. Doing something like this is also a good technique if your otherwise wonderful floors contain damage in certain spots, but you’re not in a carpet mood.

Whether at home or in an office, interior design is only truly successful when it reflects the personality of the host. Are you of a bolder persuasion? How about using not one, but two area rugs in one of your rooms? But let’s not stop there. How about placing one of them on your wall? Admittedly, not everyone can pull this off. It all depends on whether you are that kind of person. If you are (and you already know whether you are or aren’t), everyone will get it – and wish they had your courage and designer eye.

We talk about comfort in this blog a lot for a reason. It’s essential in both interior design and construction. We love this Pinterest area rug photo because the comfy-ness just leaps right off of the page. Who wouldn’t want to lounge in this space for a few hours? The rug isn’t of an elaborate design, but it’s magical in its ability to be very subtle, while at the same time guiding the chill vibe of the atmosphere. Notice something here: the tactile elements of this simple rug play a major part in this room, as does the placement of the rug. It is right beneath the coffee table, which means your feet will touch it. The fluffiness beneath your toes will instantly relax you. Heck, it relaxes us and we’re not even there!

Using your own design flair, coupled with some knowledge about how to best enhance and guide the feel of your space without overtaking it, you can use an area rug to do exactly the same things that lighting, paint, plants, and floor covering do: turn your home or office into one that’ll have everyone marveling about it long after they’ve left the building.

Do you have your own proof of this? Send us a photo of your area rug rendering. We can’t wait to see it.

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