Now, seriously, who doesn’t love a pool? Just the mere thought of lounging poolside while soaking up the sun’s calming rays brings a satisfied smile to most faces. Us Californians happen to be lucky enough to live in a climate that is perfect for constructing a pool right at home. And with the weather quickly warming up, we couldn’t resist tempting you to follow your backyard fantasy by unveiling some amazing pool ideas for your own home. Let these online photos be your first step toward lounging poolside… whenever you feel like it.

Let’s begin with something more traditional, like this in-ground pool. It certainly gets the job done, and allows for full family fun without taking up the entire back yard. Keeper. Perhaps you like this idea, but are seeking for something just a bit more dramatic. Add some natural stone touches and a therapeutic waterfall and this simple yet stunning creation could be the ticket. Here’s another version of that idea, which includes a stone hearth and a Jacuzzi added for maximum comfort, even on those cooler evenings.

Got kids? All the more reason to install a pool. But gone are the days of the boring slide. Check out this magnificent update, guaranteed to make the grown-ups in your family just as eager to slip and slide as the young folks. Isn’t it incredible what a little design and planning can do?

Does your yard contain dips and inclines? The wonderful thing about an in-ground pool is that it can be designed to enhance this kind of setting, much like this example. Add some green to create a tropical illusion sure to calm your soul.

If you lack a lot of usable space, yet still desire a stylish addition to your back yard, consider a plunge pool. While not huge compared to some other designs, plunge pools can be used year-round in many cooler climates, giving hot tub manufacturers a run for their money.

Summer’s almost here. Get a jump on the pool of your dreams now. And if you already have the pool you’ve always wanted, send us a photo. Even better, send us one of you enjoying yourself by, near or in it!

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