The dining room can be an odd duck. In some homes, it is the place where – without fail – the entire family convenes for a great meal sprinkled with lively conversation about the day ahead, or the one that just ended. It is the common site of parties, reunions and get-togethers, and its walls echo with sounds of laughter and joy long after everyone has gone.

Yet, in other homes, the dining room takes on an almost museum-like quality; often containing furniture and other pieces that would make many a gallery owner salivate, these dining rooms are indeed works of art… that no one ever gets to go into. Rather, it is to be watched from beyond, like a moon landing.

OK, that was a bit dramatic.

But the point is, other the centuries, the dining room has evolved to become whatever the homeowner sees fit for it to be: a place to feast, a room to admire, even a home office. And in this blog post, we pay homage to the creativity that goes into making this place the perfect space for the home you live in. We’ve gathered a few photos from around the web to help inspire you to create the dining room you crave.

For those who enjoy an open and airy modern space in which to dine, we offer something like this. The flooring and light fixtures make a very bold statement that will be sure to contribute to the dinner conversation. Perhaps you’re more in favor of a traditional dining area, and there isn’t much space? Take a look at what this designer did. It doesn’t take much to create a gorgeous, intimate setting for friends and family to appreciate. Just a good eye for what works.

On paper, this dining room might come across as mundane, even a little boring. With its use of only a couple of colors – both cool – it might have been a design dud. But look beyond the blue and grey, and you’ll know why this room really rocks. Starting with the lighting: exquisite. Now, notice the simple, yet avant-garde artwork on the wall, warming up what could’ve been a cold atmosphere. Next: the table. Need we say more? That’s a true beauty, and it complements the chairs perfectly.

Often, with country dining rooms, newer accents are added in order to offer a more expansive experience, and less “one-note.” That’s a great way to mix palettes and mold something fresh and exciting. But this designer did just the opposite – and it also worked. An antique look chandelier graces the room, adding a whole new extra dimension to the country home look.

There are so many directions to go when constructing and designing your dining space. In the end, like all design projects, it all comes down to need and preference. Be bold in your choices. Express who you are… even if no one will ever get to actually walk into it!

Do you have the dining room of the decade? Show us! We’d love to see photos. Or call us today to find out how to get the new room you want, at the budget you’ll love.

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