What does your laundry room look like right now?

Truly, that question was not meant to scare or shame you. But it’s no secret that many laundry rooms throughout American homes resemble the aftermath of a hurricane. Or at least a Category One something. And who can blame us? Most people don’t expect to have any visitors in there. Even when we give tours of our homes, we generally tend to just scoot quickly by the laundry area, or – in the case of it being in the kitchen or another public space – hide telltale signs of dirty clothes lurking there until those visitors exit the premises. Or we assign “laundry duty” to that closet down at the far end of our long hallway. Anything to hide that stuff.

But what if we suggested that your laundry area can be a place of beauty, just like any other room in your home? Better yet: useful beauty. In this issue of our blog, we’re going to explore some fantastic ideas and a few photos from across the web, submitted by daring pioneers who dreamt of a sultrier sudsy space – and achieved it with honors. Let’s dive in.

One easy fix in laundry room design, guaranteed to extract some of the doom from our tasks, is the utilization of an eye illusion – namely, color. Namely, white. White not only opens up the space to make it not-so-restrictive, but it lightens our mood, which is crucial when we’re facing seven loads of lights, darks and delicates.

We’ve talked about this before, too: shelving is everything. Especially in your laundry area. Not only do you need places to store the bleaches, brushes and soaps, but almost anyone will tell you that it’s much easier to just immediately fold your items straight out of the dryer than to take them somewhere else in the house to do it, where they’ll likely remain for at least another few days while you wallow in guilt for not having already done so.

One common oversight we notice often in the design of laundry spaces in the failure to incorporate adequate hanging areas for either air-drying clothing (still a thing, especially for delicates) or keeping freshly extracted items from wrinkling. Note how these homes made attractive uses of rods to do just that.

A utility sink is a great have for families with a lot of dirty baggage. It makes multi-tasking a cinch, and pretreating those stubborn stains an absolute breeze. Don’t have a lot of room to launder in? These ideas show that you don’t need a lot of square footage to make your life a lot simpler (and your home a lot more attractive).

Like the need to wash clothes, we could go on and on with more amazing ideas. We’re thinking you could, too. Is your laundry area at the tip-top of the heap? Send us some photos! And be sure to contact us if you’re feeling the urge for a more spectacular and inspiring way to approach your laundry room. Eileen Gould Design & Construction can help you do it.

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