This year, so many of us seem to be excited about new changes on the horizon. We’re looking forward to showing the world what we have to offer in both our personal and professional lives. All that beautiful buzz got us to thinking about the beauty of newness. And what could be newer and more beautiful than a new baby in the family? This edition of our blog is dedicated to bringing you a few nursery construction and design ideas for the little one that one you or someone you love may be expecting.

Perhaps the first thing expecting parents address during the creation of their baby’s room is color. Throughout the decades, the traditional “blue for boys, pink for girls and so on” has been a strong staple, but recently, other hues have made quite a splash in the baby nursery design world. Grey has been a popular color of late, as it tends to cast a calming vibe over any space. White, perhaps for similar reasons, is also popular. Green has long been thought by many to increase learning potential for developing young ones. We also can’t leave out stenciling, as well. Some amazing possibilities exist in this area now, and are definitely worth taking a look.

Remember, whichever colors you decide on, to think about yourself – not just your little one. You’ll be spending loads of time in her/his new space, and want to make sure that you feel great every time you walk in. Check out our previous blog post on color choices and what moods they can invoke in a space.

If interested, theme is another major choice to be made when designing your nursery. There are so many from which to choose, and the outdoors continue to provide much inspiration these days, ranging from mountains to jungles. Or, you could go the educational route to help get your future Madame Curie into gear?

Where will your baby sleep? There are some cool updates to reliable slumber options like the crib and bassinet (check out this cradle!) that you might love. Regardless of what you choose, the main concern is safety, so of course, make sure you perform exhaustive research to determine what is best for your family.

We can’t do a blog on nurseries without a section on changing stations. So much innovation has occurred in this arena over the last few years that we almost don’t know where to start. You’ll definitely have fun picking out the option that works best for you.

No matter when you’re expecting your new bundle of joy, designing his/her first space shouldn’t be a worrisome experience. In fact, we hope you have so much fun that you’ll fondly remember the whole thing. We can help make that a reality. Give Eileen Gould Design & Construction a call and let us work with you to create the nursery of your – and your little one’s – sweet dreams.

Have you got a pic of your incredible nursery? Share it with us!

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