It’s the new year. We hope you enjoyed a safe and fun celebration as you brought in 2018. Not sure about you, but at Eileen Gould Design & Construction, we’re raring to get the new year going. Perhaps as you sweep up rogue confetti and put away the new gifts, you’re pondering, “Where am I going to put all of this new stuff?” No worries – we’ve got you covered. There are loads of great, innovative storage ideas out there, and today is our opportunity to discuss some of them.

Receive some spanking new cookware over the holidays and have no idea where to store them? Check out some of these ideas from House Beautiful. First, a wall-mounted plate rack for pots, pans and whatnots can be a life saver, taking up minimal space while providing a great, out-of-the-way spot for larger kitchenware. A cute idea for storing overflowing coffee mugs could be just hanging them. And here’s a look we love: in order to add more move-around space in the kitchen, consider installing swing stools at the island. Kinda perfect. Oh, and when in doubt, look up: if you’ve got high kitchen ceilings, you could install cabinets and a ladder to make retrieving and storing that antique mixer a breeze.

One place we all unanimously seem to wish for more storage space is the bathroom. HGTV has a few great solutions, ranging from a simple storage ladder for everything from Q-Tips to quilted tissue; to a wall cabinet; to a slightly more substantial storage tower (notice the lovely vanity shelving in this pic, as well).

Perhaps your goal is to store an entire work area or office out of public view? The need for a place to study, pay bills and execute projects does not diminish when we have less space to work with. This compact design shows how to transform an unused closet into an exceptional office space complete with shelving. Close the door or draw the curtains, and it instantly disappears, taking up no space in your living area at all. Wait, let’s do again. Genius.

No matter your storage needs, Eileen Gould Design & Construction can help you reach them. After a consultation to determine your vision, we will charge a flat design fee based on the scope and size of the job. The design fee includes CAD drawings, shopping time, and designing, as well as project management. This fee does not include color renderings or permits, which we perform for an extra cost. Our payment schedules are easy, as we accept Visa and MasterCard. You’ll always know what’s going on via spreadsheets and invoices created just for you.

This new year. Get the new look that you want for your space. And save some space while doing it. It’s a win-win. Give us a call. And if you have some amazing storage ideas in your pocket, show ‘em off! Send us some photos. Happy New Year!

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