It’s the holiday season! Hopefully, your Thanksgiving was fun and (ful-)filling. And, if you’re like us here at Eileen Gould Design & Construction, you’re just getting started. But no matter what your plans this month, right now seems to be a popular time for people to consider new remodeling projects, construction projects, and/or cool interior design jobs on their homes. Our guess is, while people are getting their houses ready for incoming visitors, they’re noticing some areas that they believe could look and feel better.

Are you one of those people? Because if so, we would like to personally invite you to talk with us to find out how to transform your home or office space into the one that floats around in your dreams (along with those visions of sugarplums). Here are just a few design and construction ideas that we’ve shared in 2017. Take a look, and consider some of the absolutely amazing things that you can do, with us helping you and holding your hand from start to finish.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about installing some new lighting. Earlier this year, we suggested that you take a new look at the exciting new ways in which LED can light up your world – while saving you a few bucks along the way.

If you’re entertaining in the next few weeks, there’s a good chance that you’ll do so again in the warmer months when outside celebrations become more abundant. Could a new deck be in store? There are so many options available to you these days, depending on your budget, your space and your imagination. Getting started on construction within the next few weeks will guarantee that the next family barbeque at your house will be out of this world.

Sometimes, all that is needed to completely transform a space, is new wall covering. This year, we explored the different kinds, as well as how they compare in price and looks. At Eileen Gould Design & Construction, we specialize in wall covering installation, and can help you bring out that spice and kick you’ve been pining for in your office or home.

Maybe you’re wanting to add a space just for yourself. A spot where you can relax and get ready for the day’s adventures ahead. Back in February of this year, we presented an article about designing your own wardrobe or dressing area. This would be the perfect spot to gather up your Zen before heading out into all the buzz.

One of our favorite posts of 2017 was the one where we talked about the many different kinds of flooring out there. From bamboo to stone to cork, no ceramic tile was left unturned in our story.

We know the holidays can be hectic, and even sometimes a little bit crazy. There is much to be said for loving the space you live in. And that is why we exist: to help you realize a space you’ll love living and/or working in for years and holiday seasons to come. Give us a call.

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