Do you have a large space in your home or office that needs some special attention in order to transform it into the inviting area you’ve always imagined it could be? In the world of interior design, this is one of the more frequent requests we receive from our clients. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home.” But when it comes to a room in your house or place of work, this can only be the case when you are able to make it comfortable for everyone to be in.

If you’re seeking solutions to turn your cold, bleak, large space into an area that no one ever wants to leave, look no further. We’ve got a few ideas for you that could change your world. Starting with…

Functional furniture

Often, when people think about making a large area feel more inviting, they consider breaking up the space with a sofa or a chair – something that people can sit or lie upon. It makes perfect sense to do this, as it instantly creates a feeling of comfort. But there are other types of furniture that can be just as effective for this goal. A bookshelf adorned with your favorite classic books or music not only modifies a vast area – it tells your guests a bit more about you and, in turn, can invite some engaging conversations to begin. Another cool idea to consider is an interesting table. It could be functional, for eating meals or holding heirlooms and photos; or, if it is ornate enough, it could be decorative. Another very popular option these days in large spaces is a credenza. They range from mid-century designs to very modern. And, bonus: most will also double as storage spaces.

Bring the great outdoors… indoors

Plants and trees are frequently used in very exciting ways to warm up a large space. If your office is large enough, you could try the bamboo plant. Many of them grow to become so large that they almost resemble trees. And they look absolutely amazing in places of business. If your space is big but not that big, maybe bamboo isn’t the way to go. Instead, consider a few large potted plants. Placed strategically, they can guide your visitors through your space, while making them feel calmer and more at home. See our blog post on the power of plants here to learn more.


For centuries, rugs have successfully helped to compartmentalize large areas. They remain popular in today’s ubiquitous loft spaces. The right rugs can instantly turn a huge cement room into a home. There are so many textures, shapes, colors and designs out there, that finding the right ones for your large room is only a matter of your taste… and time.

What’s on your walls?

If you’re looking to draw attention away from how cavernous your space really is, starting with your walls wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Darker, richer interior colors have become increasingly popular in recent seasons. They create a high level of intimacy, and can even give the impression of “shrinking” a room. Here’s an idea: you could concentrate on painting just one wall darker, then stenciling an interesting design on an adjacent wall to create a gorgeous contrast. It’ll do wonders for the overall feel of the room.

When it comes to modern spaces, having too much is a great problem to have. It’s also an easy one to solve, using some of the above techniques. Turning a large space into a “living space” can be a fun process. Don’t be shy to let your mind go wild with possibility.

Do you have a humongous space that you’ve transformed into quite an inviting area? Send us a photo of your fabulous feat!

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