Take a moment to think about your home or business office. Now, how much wall space does it have? While that may seem like an odd question, it is meant to prepare you for our next question: excluding artwork or bookshelves, how much of your wall space is coated with… merely paint? If your answer is, “most,” or “all of it,” you’re certainly not in the minority. That means there’s a terrific opportunity to jump out of the norm and explore the possibilities that wall coverings have to offer.

For many of us, just the thought of wallpaper evokes memories of our beloved grand-aunt’s not-so-fashion-forward 1960’s dining room with the felt chartreuse (or was it puce?) print threatening you from every angle. Okay, let’s take a deep breath, and leave all of that horror behind. “Papering” was once one of few options. But wall covering is now available in a wide variety of materials, textures and colors that will reinvigorate any space and absolutely blow you away. In fact, there’s so much to choose from that we won’t be able to talk about all of it here, but we can definitely get the conversation started.


Being a natural substance, wood paneling can add depth to a room. It can make quite a bold statement, especially if executed on just one wall. The effect is dazzling.


If you don’t want to panel an entire wall(s), try wainscoting, a decorative option that typically only covers a portion of the wall – typically the bottomthird or half, though we’re beginning to see many exceptions. Wainscoting rampant in many older, more traditional homes, but has started to make a comeback as more buyers purchase and remodel them. A lot of wainscoting is of the wooden persuasion, but tile also provides exceptional contrast – especially in the bathroom.


They say go big or go home. Consider covering an entirewall with tile. And with a little thought and a lot of style, you might cover your floor with it, as well, for stunning results. Also, don’t forget that tile can also come in the form of other materials, too, such as bamboo or cork.


There’s just something about stone: the way its rustic texture has the ability to make one feel safe and secure. That’s a great reason to consider a stone wall covering for one of your larger areas, like the family room or dining room.


Nothing enlarges a space like a mirrored wall. And there are so many decorative designs to choose from these days. Just one suggestion: especially in smaller spaces, try not to use mirrored covering for the wall that faces the room’s entrance.


A bold and distinct style choice, leather wall covering reveals to whoever’s invited into your space, exactly who you are and what you’re really about. In other words, leather doesn’t lie. That’s why it tends to work extremely well in more private spaces like one’s office or bedroom.

As you’ve just seen, the possibilities are endless for creating gorgeous spaces with wall covering. Perhaps you already have a wall covering that’s to die for? We want in! Email us some photos. And see you next post.

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