On numerous occasions in our blog, we’ve discussed the enormous importance of lighting. But we’ve never fully given LED lighting the attention that it truly deserves. Today, that error shall be rectified. Arguably, no other type of lighting has emerged over the years to become the fun, versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective source that LED (“light-emitting diode”) has. Interior designers and builders love it for just those reasons, and we think you’ll soon feel the same way.

One of the most popular uses of LED lighting is in its recessed presentation. Recessed LED lighting has been all the rage for decades, simply because it provides great, focused coverage in any room of the home. Kitchen and bathroom counter areas benefit particularly well from its ability to really open up a space. But it doesn’t stop there: LED recessed lighting can add the perfect accent to your living area by bringing attention to a lovely piece of sculpted art, or perhaps a beautiful floral arrangement.

No doubt due to its popularity, there is a plethora of lamps and lighting fixtures out there designed to contain and display LED lighting. These apparatuses can transform a space in minutes. Check out some of them in these examples of bedroom and dining areas that shine (no pun intended).

But again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. LED lighting comes in an almost endless variety of colors, too, making it the perfect secret sauce to create mood. Cool blue hues tend to relax us. That may be why they’re so common in lounges and restaurants, where socializing is a major goal. Have you got a dull wall space in your home that everyone passes by on a regular basis, but no one really notices? Why not splash some warm or cool-hued LED lighting upon it? We promise, it will instantly change the way you view that spot from here on out.

One newer, but very effective location of LED lighting is near the floor. This smart, hip placement provides warmth to the atmosphere of any space. If you entertain often, consider a lower LED placement to make your entire room pop, while at the same time softening the mood.

The office is another great place to take advantage of the dramatic effects that LED lighting can offer. You can wake up any lobby or waiting area with it. Board rooms are also a great showcase, as are staff eating areas. Let your imagination run wild!

Frankly, LED lighting may be the closest thing that us designers have to a playground at work. There are so many ways to manipulate it in order to create the exact atmosphere you want. All it takes is a little planning, and you’re on your way. Let Eileen Gould Design & Construction help you build your own playground. You’ll be extremely pleased with the results.

Have you already taken the LED lighting plunge? We want to see! Send us some photos of your masterpiece.

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