Often in interior design articles, extra emphasis is placed on popular subjects such paint and lighting. After all, these elements – and the choices made around them – can dramatically alter an environment. But there is another piece of the puzzle that is equally capable of instantly transforming a space: your flooring.

For many years, carpet was king. And while it still remains a popular choice, flooring options have become nearly infinite in 2017. Depending on the type of room you are designing or constructing, your budget, and the feel and mood you are going after, your flooring decision will undeniably end up being one of the most important ones that you will make in your home. For example, the timeless beauty of bamboo floors – when properly cared for – in a living room can be enjoyed for years. It’s highly sustainable, as well. And the appearance of an entryway can be instantly enhanced with stone flooring – though it may cost a little more.

A common buzzword when searching for a home is, “hardwood floors.” And why shouldn’t it be? Well cared-for hardwoods are beautiful and versatile, and can be recommended for just about every room in the house where moisture is not a common occurrence.

It used to be that when people heard the word, “linoleum,” they generally hearkened back to their grandmother’s kitchen floor of yore. But today’s linoleum (not to be confused with vinyl, which unlike linoleum, is synthetic) can be quite exquisite, while also durable and easy to clean, giving your kitchen just the right amount of class and pizzazz. But if linoleum still doesn’t float your boat, consider cork flooring. While not as popular as hardwood, a properly sealed cork floor could be the perfect choice for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet cooking. Cork absorbs shock, so the cooks in your family will definitely be singing your praises for months to come.

Laminate flooring has now become all the rage due to its versatility and ability to mimic the looks of pricier flooring solutions, such as hardwood. Family and dining rooms across America are decked with this stuff, making guests wonder, Is it, or isn’t it?

Ceramic tile can transform any room into a gorgeous haven. If you’d like to splurge a little on your bathroom or kitchen, perhaps installing it on the floor would be a great way to do it. And, as an added bonus, like porcelain tile, it happens to be very easy to clean.

Carpet will always be a viable, budget-friendly flooring option in both homes and offices. But the advent of more competitive pricing for other flooring options, combined with their recent strides in design and durability, could convince you to consider them, instead.

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