We all could use a getaway every now and then. Someplace we can go to let loose, blow off some steam and be the slightly sillier, more carefree versions of ourselves. And while places like Puerto Vallarta, Belize and the South of France may come to mind, chances are they may not be fiscally possible options – at least on a daily basis. But there’s another great solution: your very own recreation room.

Known decades ago as rumpus rooms, they’re often found in basements. Because of this, they can sometimes be dim places that only accommodate one or two interests of someone living in the home. But if there are more people in the household, and if those people have varied facets of their personalities, a truly versatile rec room could be the perfect way to celebrate each person’s individuality, while keeping you close as a family unit. OK, so where to start?

Lighting is your best friend when designing the perfect rec room. All kinds should be considered, from recessed LED to well-placed ambient lamps. They will provide personalized instant mood variation, and will also allow for other activities beyond a night of watching sitcoms on the 70-inch. Choose paint or wall covering that reflects your own style while providing energy to perform what is being done in the space. For example, if you’re a ruthless dart thrower, perhaps the dartboard wall could have warm color on it: red would provide the most intensity. Be cautious not to overdo it, though – otherwise no one in the rec room will ever be able to relax!

Speaking of relaxation, many of us enjoy the calm vibes that activities such as knitting or scrapbooking provide. Why not designate an area of your rec room for this? Again, lighting is key here. Specialty lights designed for the tasks at hand are advised. A game night nook will make yours the popular house on the block. All you’ll need is some good shelving or a multipurpose table (preferably with drawers to hide all the fun stuff when it’s not being used) a few comfy chairs, and maybe a sweet rug. Dress up the walls with some movie posters or family photos to warm up the space.

But the most important element of the entire rec room will be… you. Outfit it with things you love: stuffed animals, oversized pillows, poofy rugs, blankets, maybe a pool or foosball table. We suggest that you involve everyone in the family to take part in the overall design of your rec room. And remember: as people grow and evolve, so should your room. No one ever blinks when people redo their kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Expect your rec room to experience the same updates to adjust for the times over the years.

It needn’t cost much to create a space that everyone feels comfortable just being themselves in. But as with any design or construction project, it does take some thought and consideration of the goals – and people – at hand. Eileen Gould Design and Construction can work with you to create that perfect space.

After a consultation to determine your wants and needs, we will charge a flat design fee based on the scope and size of the job. The design fee includes CAD drawings, shopping time, and designing, as well as project management. This fee does not include color renderings or permits, which we perform for an extra cost. Our payment schedules are easy, as we accept Visa and MasterCard. You’ll always know what’s going on via spreadsheets and invoices created just for you.

So there’s no need to wait – plan your perfect getaway (space) today.

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