Happy New Year! We’re so excited about what 2017 holds in store, and hope you are, as well. So let’s start out the gate running, shall we?

How many plants do you have in your home? Are you a green thumb, boasting brilliant orchids, gorgeous ferns, and maybe even a miniature bonsai or two? Or, do you fall more into the “green minimalist” column, with maybe a cactus, or perhaps even just a photograph somewhere that happens to have some grass in the background? No matter what your response, this article is for you.

The health benefits of having plants inside the home and office are overwhelmingly positive. And the dramaticvisual improvement that they can bestow to any interior space is undeniable. But plants can also play an important role in the overall initial design of a space. In other words, they need not be an afterthought, because the warmth that they bring into an area actually makes an enormous difference by setting the vibe in any setting, from a family get-together to an office board meeting. Plants provide comfort, and they encourage human interaction.

No matter the size of your living or work space, think for a moment about how you wish for it to feel. If your area is somewhat small and you fear clutter, consider a sculptural botanical to introduce both color and life, without taking up too much real estate. Are you short on time to devote to upkeep? Earlier, we mentioned cacti and orchids – two of the more forgiving breeds that, when strategically placed, can perk up your room, and even your attitude right along with it.

They say, “Go big or go home.” Well, some people actually decide to go big inside their homes and offices, with larger plant arrangements – even entire trees – designed into the construction. Particularly in more modern work settings that tend to utilize lot of metal, the idea of inserting shrubbery into the equation could prove daunting – maybe even scary. But metal, though sleek and beautiful, can sometimes read cold. The right placement can be just the art piece you need to soften the room, encouraging more productivity and increased idea output in business gatherings.

It may be the middle of winter right now, but that’s a perfect time to start your plans for a new boost in your interior design. Remember to include some green spaces in those blueprints. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

Do you have a great example of green in your office or home? Go ahead and send it to us so we can post!

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