Ladies and gentlemen, please allow us to exit the box for a few moments. Question: which space in your home is one of the least thought about, yet – with a few design and/or construction updates – could be one of the most fun, exciting and efficient areas your home offers?

Answer: your garage.

Those of us fortunate enough to have a garage often take it for granted. It’s where we park our vehicles and store our holiday “stuff.” We rarely even take time to look at it otherwise. While it can still be used for the above purposes, it doesn’t ever have to be a dull, uninviting place again. Here’s proof:

As with any other room in your home, two key ingredients that contribute to its transformation from drab to fab are paint and lighting. A lighter hue on your walls like a shade of white, or even faint grey, will open up the space and make people want to be there, whether for work (as a projects space, satellite office or gym) or play. If you’re the home mechanic type, you could instead choose deeper tones in order to combat constant stains. Add to your new wall hues some overhead energy efficient LED or wall-mounted soffit down lights, and you’re more than halfway there.

Everyone’s going to store things in their garage. It’s what we do. So why not store in style? Start by hiring a professional to install cabinetry and shelving that encompasses the overall vibe that you want your garage to have. Creative overhead mounting can keep your bikes, ladders, and other miscellaneous objects safely out of the way, yet well within reach, leaving you even more room to roam.

Next, floors.

Here’s where darker is definitely your go-to, especially if you plan to get a little messy every now and then. Concrete epoxy paint makes for easy cleanups. If you’re aiming for more of a social space or you prefer a cool pattern, consider some durable custom matting.

Your garage is just like any other room in your home. How you design it should be a reflection of your hobbies, lifestyle and priorities. Whether this means you prefer a car-holder, a catch-all, a crafts suite or a community event spot, a little imagination and some elbow grease will definitely help you to arrive at your goal.

Vroom, vroom.

Do you have the perfect garage? Send us some photos!

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