We’ve reached the third and final edition of our 2016-2017 Interior Design Trends series. Our goal is to go out with a bang! So, our next design trend is…

The Indoor-Outdoor Transition.

This is one of those trends that just keeps getting stronger through the seasons, and 2017 will not be an exception. While it’s true that creating a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors may involve more than a few carefully-placed throw pillows, once executed, the results can be simply stunning.

How do we know that the indoor-outdoor blend trend is here to stay? Well, one big indicator is the sheer number of homes that are beginning to have this element incorporated into their designs – in cooler climates. You read right: in Maine, Detroit and even St. Paul, designers are taking advantage of this winning formula. Example?

Outdoor fireplaces have become the enviable must-have item for warming up with family and friends on those cooler nights. Fire pits also make a great centerpiece for gatherings – and can double as the perfect way to roast a few marshmallows this fall.

Speaking of roasting in the fall, perhaps you’ve got some cooking coming up in your near-future? We all love the mouth-watering scents of pumpkin pie and turkey in the oven. But what if something accidentally bakes a bit too long? It could send a smoky stench throughout your space, dampening an otherwise wonderful occasion. A solution: an outdoor stove that serves as an extension of your kitchen. Many happy customers report that after trying one of these, they don’t know how they ever got along without it.

Often, a caveat of the indoor-outdoor transition is glass walls and doors. While they have always been stunning to look at, more than a few unlucky homeowners have been burned by faulty door designs of yore. But gone are the drafty nights and ultra-high utility bills. New developments in glass and door seals have made indoor-outdoor design a more comfortable option.

A house isn’t the only place where indoor-outdoor design can be a hit. Businesses have discovered that providing a multipurpose transitional space for employees can be great for company morale. Who doesn’t like to get out for a few minutes in the middle of the workday for some fresh air? The opportunity to perform work in that fresh air can actually increase output over time. And perhaps a ping-pong table or a barbeque grill placed on the terrace can be the site of company mixers – just the ticket to encourage greater teamwork amongst colleagues.

The Indoor-Outdoor Transition is bigger than ever, and our guess is that its rise will continue, for good reason. Perhaps you’re ahead of the trend? Do you already have an indoor-outdoor design setup in your home or office that’s to die for? We’d love to see it! Snap a photo and send it to us. Till next month, have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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