It’s time for another installment of our series. Everywhere you look these days, whether on the runway, TV, or in even in magazines, one trend is sure to show up often: the use of vintage. Whether in Gucci’s colorful Fall, 2016 women’s line, or on shows like “Agent Carter” (may she rest in peace), vintage looks tend to never stray too far. The same can be said for the world of interior design – especially this fall.

In fact, moving right on through 2017, a trend that you’ll definitely notice is the combining of vintage pieces with modern lighting, furniture and paint schemes to create one-of-a-kind spaces that dazzle the senses.

One of the easiest ways to inject more personality into a family room or den, is to add a chair as a focal point. Why not go mid-century? Perhaps a wooden piece with sharp, elegant lines – or a bright, cushy wing chair to add some pop to your earthy pastel themes?

The great thing about interior design vintage, is that a little goes such a long way.Looking for the perfect something to balance out the tone of your metal-heavy office space? A large piece of vintage wall art could be exactly what you’re looking for. If you work where you live, keep in mind that a home office can nearly always benefit from a vintage chair behind the desk – or in front of it. Speaking of desks, who can resist an elegant roll top, or for smaller spaces, a classic secretary?

You’ve no doubt noticed the upsurge of brand new furniture and lighting with vintage overtones. For example, the mid-century lamp trend has been all the rage. Design houses are responding to the cry for more vintage looks, even to the tune of creating new pieces that seem to be over a hundred years old!

Vintage allows you to play. Placing beautiful, timeless bits of history into a space adds depth, story and ambience all at once. Whether on the runways of Paris, or right in your living room, those in the know will always reach back into the past for a world of inspiration.

Have you come up with a fabulous way to use vintage in your home or office design? Send us a photo! Till then, see you in October.

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