Fall is right around the corner. Sobering thought, despite its truth! While it may still seem that summer arrived only yesterday, for those who love design, autumn never fails to bring tons of excitement. It is the season of preparation for change and eventual rebirth. The fall is a time when we reexamine our current methods of doing (seeing) things, and shake them up a bit for the incoming new year.

And the addition of the holidays makes this influx of transition even more thrilling as we get to bring our friends, family and loved ones into our entire transformative process. It’s an absolute joy.

To celebrate, this month we begin our limited series, “2016-2017 Interior Design Trends,” where we’ll provide you with an inside look at some shifting – and unwavering – elements in the climate of residential and commercial interior design.

Our first topic of observation: metal.

Metal received a well-deserved design renaissance right around the late aughts, particularly in residential design, because of its unique ability to suggestively, yet authoritatively, take on – and even amplify – whatever specific vibe that a space is intended to exude. Depending upon the type of furniture, accessories, or even paint that is used, metal can inject an office with a rustic finish via brass or copper touches. Switch up your metal to chrome or stainless steel, and you’ve got the perfect complement to your uber-contemporary master bathroom. Got a soft spot for country design? Gold undertones on your kitchen walls make that room the one no one will ever want to leave.

But the really wonderful thing about 2016-2017 trends is that we’ve begun to see more mixing of metals. If the expression of individuality is what you desire, you’re in luck and need look no further than utilizing this technique – subtly – to flawlessly achieve your goal.

Brass has always been quite the versatile metal. Because of this, it is now being seen not only in the company of gold, but chrome and nickel, as well, to create eye-popping effects in bathrooms, living rooms and offices alike. Silver is another great mixing metal that works particularly well as an accent in stainless steel or chrome-themed commercial spaces.

The most important rule of metal-mixing is to have fun, without going overboard. Remember that metals can soothe, or they can stimulate. Find your own sweet spot to create the perfect energy for whatever mood your atmosphere requires.

Send us photos that showcase how you’re using metals this season to make a bold statement in your home or office!

Stay tuned for our next 2016-2017 trend, coming up in September. Till then, we at Eileen Gould Design and Construction wish you a peaceful Labor Day weekend.

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