The client I spoke about in my last post (You Can’t Afford Not To Hire Me?) that got totally taken by his contractor, has told me he can finally breathe and sleep. After taking him shopping we have already ordered his appliances and are firming up counter-tops, flooring and fixtures.

The structural engineer has come out and unfortunately all the beams have to be pulled out and made right. Make sure you check your contractors license, insurance and workmen’s comp. His old electrician had no insurance. Can you imagine if there was a fire?

Recently there was a great article in Malibu Magazine by Kamala Kirk and Brian Blythe . They made note of always considering resale when doing a remodel.

Some companies speak of “going out of business sales”, for tiles and stone. Remember cheaper isn’t always better, and you want to make sure the materials you pick will not be discontinued just in case their is a problem down the line.

One of the most important elements of design/build is the contractor and the clients communication levels. Deadlines, delays, and unknown problems that occur should always be communicated to the client.

Kamala spoke of Home Décor which of course is personal and reflects each individual. That is really true. I often say,”I am the conduit for my client’s vision”.

Take into account scale, color, materials, focal points and timelessness.

Trends come and go, but good design stays timeless. A home is a sanctuary where you can come home to, relax and enjoy.

Make your house a home.

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