Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s the perfect time to update your office or home space to reflect the seasonal shifts.

When considering such a change, you might ask yourself, “Where can I find inspiration?” Most designers would agree that nature is always a good place to start. The seasons themselves serve as wonderful muses when blueprinting your transformation.

For example, spring and summer evoke airy and spacious surroundings which can be reflected in something as simple as a photograph or painting.

Fall and winter distinctly represent people coming together and sharing their time and ideas. Perhaps a new community gathering area is in the cards? Accented by a large rug that will help to soften and cozy up the atmosphere, a gathering spot will provide warm anticipation of the cooler months.

Speaking of sharing, you may have noticed in my blog that I encourage involving others in your design process – particularly those who share your space. In the case of your office for instance, consider bringing coworkers into the planning phase. Someone in the room is bound to have a fantastic idea that will not only improve office appearance, but its functionality as well. Recent studies have repeatedly shown that over time, this can lead to improved productivity among staff – which results in increased profits.

A quick word of caution here: be careful when designing your new seasonal space not to let form inhibit function. Both should work together to give your area a uniquely comfortable and easy-to-be-in vibe. For the home, something as simple as a window treatment can breathe new life into a room without requiring too much labor or infringing upon your current lifestyle.

The same can go in the office, where proper ergonomics definitely should come into play. One hot item to consider is the flexible standing desk. Fast becoming a staple in Wall Street firms and beyond, corporations are starting to report encouraging stats that support their use. And when several are purchased in bulk, you may even reap a deal.

What are some successful things you’ve done to transform your space for the seasons? Post your photos ideas and share your ideas with us below!

We at Eileen Gould Design & Construction would like to wish you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving, and encourage you to have fun and dream big as you develop a space where you’ll be happy to entertain, work, and play. You won’t regret it!

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