You look around at your home and it’s tired. How can you liven it up and enjoy it again every time you enter.? The easiest way is paint; but how do you choose? There are so many colors and shades of colors.

– You start to panic …. What if I pick the wrong color? I love my furniture but will the new paint color go with my furniture and the accessories. So you do nothing and bemoan the fact that your house just isn’t what you used to enjoy.

Relax, we have the solution.

Today you are in luck. Benjamin Moore has defined the new paint color for 2016 as white. WHITE! Yes, just good old fashioned white, but wait.. Benjamin Moore paints came out this week with the chosen color for 2016. It’s white. It isn’t just white to be safe It’s a wide range of white because white goes with just about everything yet it has subtle undertones to bring out other colors.

White can have a small grey cast, be pure white, or even creamy white. Each tone picks up the other colors in the room and highlights them.

Whether we are painting cabinets or brick or walls or even outdoor trim, white provides an unlimited palette. Natural materials such as woods, linens, and stone go well with white too.

White is simplistic and timeless. It reflects light and creates subtle shadows.

It used to be clients went to whites because they were afraid of color.

Today white is the color that makes your walls come alive with a sophisticated, timeless look.

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