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Design Options for Closets, Wardrobes & Dressing Areas

This post, we’re going to discuss an area of your home that generally no one gets to see except you. It may often be untidy or disheveled, but the feeling of tranquility and comfort that it can bring is nearly unparalleled. It is a highly personal space. And depending on the size of your house, and/or the design or construction budget you are working with, it can be as small as a item of furniture, or as large as an entire room. Figured it out yet? Of course, we’re talking about your closet. Read more →

Eileen Gould Design & Construction Wins Best Of Houzz 2017 Award

We have much to be thankful about at Eileen Gould Design and Construction. Our firm has just been chosen as a recipient of the “Best Of Houzz 2017” Award in the category of Customer Service! This is no small matter. Why? Because first and foremost, the award winners are voted on strictly by customers. And we have the best customers on the planet. It makes us extremely proud to know that they value the world-class customer experience that we strive to give each one of them. We shall continue.

Read more →

The Secret Power of Plants in Interior Design

Happy New Year! We’re so excited about what 2017 holds in store, and hope you are, as well. So let’s start out the gate running, shall we? Read more →

Designing a Special Space For Our Pets

We dedicate this post to our beloved furry family members. Our best friends. The pals who are always there for us, even when the rest of the world seems to take a time out. Yes, our pets are infinitely dear to us. We go out of our way to find them the most high-quality food. We get them groomed religiously at the best spot we can afford in the neighborhood. We make sure that they remain right on schedule with their shots and vaccinations. Many of us even dedicate a space in our beds just for them. But… Read more →

Designing Open and Shared Workspaces

For some, especially those of us from a certain generation, the thought of an open or shared workspace may violate our ideas of what a work area should look like. The higher up you rise in the corporate world, the fewer people you’ll have to work around in your corner office, right? Well… Read more →

Designing Your Perfect Garage

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow us to exit the box for a few moments. Question: which space in your home is one of the least thought about, yet – with a few design and/or construction updates – could be one of the most fun, exciting and efficient areas your home offers? Read more →

Your Dream Fireplace Is Within Reach

The mercury is officially dropping to make way for the holiday season and all of winter’s glory. It’s the time of year when we gather with family and friends to celebrate our accomplishments, memories and milestones while relishing dreams of what’s to come. And what better place to gather, than in front of a warm, flickering fire. Read more →

2016-2017 Interior Design Trends, Part 3

We’ve reached the third and final edition of our 2016-2017 Interior Design Trends series. Our goal is to go out with a bang! So, our next design trend is… Read more →

2016-2017 Interior Design Trends, Part 2

It’s time for another installment of our series. Everywhere you look these days, whether on the runway, TV, or in even in magazines, one trend is sure to show up often: the use of vintage. Whether in Gucci’s colorful Fall, 2016 women’s line, or on shows like “Agent Carter” (may she rest in peace), vintage looks tend to never stray too far. The same can be said for the world of interior design – especially this fall. Read more →

2016-2017 Interior Design Trends, Part 1

Fall is right around the corner. Sobering thought, despite its truth! While it may still seem that summer arrived only yesterday, for those who love design, autumn never fails to bring tons of excitement. It is the season of preparation for change and eventual rebirth. The fall is a time when we reexamine our current methods of doing (seeing) things, and shake them up a bit for the incoming new year. Read more →