Home is where our hearts are. Pretty much everyone wishes to own a home that feels safe, tranquil, and convenient. One looks for solace in their space.

Our homes are blank canvases and our aesthetic sense and imagination help us create what we want with attention to detail.

Walls are an integral component of the house and Eileen Gould believes in having them decorated so that they bring a whole different aura to the room.

Here are a few essential décor ideas that Eileen Gould recommends:

Essential Décor Ideas For Draperies/Curtains/Blinds

Curtains or blinds are indeed essential for each room of the house. Their colors and patterns play an integral role in making the mood of the room warm or gloomy. Eileen Gould believes in bringing life to the rooms.

Since the windows of a room are the highlight of it, we recommend paying more attention to drapes. You need to make sure they complement the overall interior look of your space.

We prefer you purchase curtains in colors and patterns that are less bold but are lighter. They will give your room a brighter and more spacious outlook.

Essential Décor Ideas For Mirrors

Over the period of time, mirrors have become an essential item in each room of the house no matter what. They hold their own kind of vibe.

What is great about mirrors is that they tend to bring the entire space instantly to life. We would prefer going with a full-sized mirror in your room and you will undoubtedly be amazed to see how wider and brighter your entire room looks.

We can help you pair a mirror with a decent console or a side table. In case you are in search of a classier look, we would recommend you to add a wooden-framed mirror but if you wish to give your room a regal touch then go for a metal-framed mirror.

Essential Décor Ideas For Wall Paintings

Art has always been food for the soul from primitive days till date. Wall paintings are the best way to satiate your artistic hunger and give your interior design just the right pop of color it needs.

We believe painting are captivating and instantly grab your attention no matter where you place them or what you surround them with. They are bound to leave an impression whatsoever.

We believe paintings are a great addition to the room as they are like a breath of fresh air for interior looks.

Essential Décor Ideas For Wall clocks

Wall clocks are now the most under-appreciated accessory in a house. We seldom use it to check time due to technology and smart phones. However, we believe they are still a very essential component in terms of interior design.

Wall clocks fill in the gaps in interior design by giving a classic as well as a casual look. It pretty much depends on what kind of décor they are surrounded by.

Essential Décor Ideas For Wall Scrolls

In case you wish for some sort of change and want to get rid of an old wall painting, wall scrolls are your best option.

They are an amalgamation of contemporary and conventional art. They enhance the overall ambiance of the room without a doubt.

It is not easy transforming your house into your home. It requires a lot of time, effort, energy, and investment. The more attention you pay to details and wall décor in particular, the more pleasant your home will look.

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