Aging in place is a concept now very common and talked about. For a couple or a group of senior citizens, the most important thing is to have a home where everything is easily accessible and adds to the comfort of the people so they can retire in peace.

A home is a place of comfort. As much as Eileen Gould has worked on contemporary projects, she has worked in designing houses that make it easy for people to age in. Her determination to provide quality and assurance makes her work more remarkable. 

There are certain home updates that improve safety and comfort for people aging in place. One of the most integral updates among others is the updated lighting. Improving the brightness and quality of lighting in a home makes it all the more convenient for seniors to navigate their way throughout the house and access things without a hassle.

Natural Lighting in Aging in Place

The best way we believe the lighting of a senior’s home can be improved is to make the most of ambient light. Natural light emitted from the sun is easier for the eyes. It sends off less glare than certain light bulbs with harsh lighting do.

Another thing Gould emphasizes in altering is to remove any kind of heavy drapery, blinds, or curtains, have the windows thoroughly cleaned, and hang mirrors in a beautiful placement on the wall. If we are informed you have the budget, the preference is to add more windows in order to have more natural light enter the house. The more the merrier.

Another smart modification that can be implemented is to replace interior doors with glass or French doors and add small window panes to the exterior doors. Eileen Gould believes in doing more with less.

Fresh Bulbs and Bright Light

In the living area, bedrooms or hallways, it is advised to replace light bulbs on a regular basis. It is pertinent for you to do this before the bulb dies. This helps maintain consistency in the lighting of the house.

Eileen Gould recommends replacing heavier light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs which tend to conserve energy and fall on the criteria of safety. This is one of the many ways you can make your room brighter in less money.

Task Lighting

The best way to make your living area more lively and aesthetic is to add table lamps to it. They are easily accessible and provide the right light for reading, sewing, and other such activities. It is convenient for seniors to sit and work in an airy place such as the living room with just the right amount of light, keeping the ambiance of the space intact.

In order to make sure no one trips or falls from the cords of lamps, keep them out of walkways or have them secured with tape.

Kitchen Lighting

Eileen Gould believes in having adequate lighting, especially in the kitchen so people can move around and access things easily. The goal is to keep life easy and simple. The environment needs to be safe and bright enough to make the food preparation process smooth.

With ceiling lighting or hanging pendants, Gould considers the addition of extra task lighting on top of areas such as the stove, sink, and counters in the kitchen. The best option for the kitchen is shielded under-cabinet strips. 

Stairways and Porches

Stairways and porches are the trickiest parts of the house and can pose a potential danger to people aging in place which is why Gould recommends and installs lighting which has access both, from the top and bottom of the steps. Rope lighting is preferred along with banisters and railing or sensor lighting that switches on as soon as the person steps close.

Eileen Gould, in all her years of hard work, has been able to understand how important interior design is for different age groups. Therefore, she has managed to custom-make home designs keeping in mind not only the trends but comfort as well.

For more lighting tips visit Eileen Gould Design and Construction. 


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