Each year we witness trends change.

Each year we move on with the trends, adding in a little bit of magic of our own of course.

Here are a few color trends that we see dominating in the year 2023 in terms of interior design.

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1 Vibrant Orange-y Reds

A fierce red-orange-ish color is considered one of the best colors in a mesmerizing sunset. The vivacious color has a natural pull towards bold and warm hues. This year a shift towards warmer colors is what we have observed.

2 Bold Reds

Red never goes out of style!

Interior designers believe that red is making a major comeback.

Eileen Gould has worked on projects where she has paired red accent, like dining chairs with neutrals to emphasize more on the color.

A luscious red room with a lacquered finesse will make the color pop even more.

3 Warm Neutrals

Neutrals are must-haves throughout the passing years no matter what.

Warm neutrals encompass calmness, wellness and comfort. We are of the view that they can also be incorporated into pretty much every design and give it a unique look.

The color white is the key to change of style because it is the easiest to switch. It is always very easy to bring in any color, texture, pattern or material to individualize the color white.

4 Brown Ochre

 Where you have the option to have a blank canvas covered with pops of various colors of your choice, you also have the option to incline towards neutral tones.

This year, we seem to pick a trend of warm, non-intrusive, neutral tones in colors which provide more sense of security and convenience.

Raw and organic form of materials and colors such as brown ocher showcase the vibe of bovine leather collection and pose a cozier yet modern base.

5 Softer Shades of Bold Colors

 Soft colors are a sign of tranquility.

Understated tones make in more convenient to create a monochrome look and design which evokes a sense of consistency and allows owners the libert to choose which areas of the house they wish to focus more on. Everyone has a room they wish to capture the impression of visitors with and leave a lasting impression.

These are a few options our interior design expert Eileen Gould has played with and created masterpieces for her clients.

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