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Eileen Gould has established a name in the design world due to her unmatched design instincts and skills, combined with her extensive work experience. Customers rely on her visions and ideas for the design according to their personal preferences.

Natural hues with bright spots are the new trend in the market. These are colors that go with all themes and times.

Listed below are the top trends of color for interior design and home decor in the year 2022 which Gould recommends and incorporates into design:

  • Shades of Blue

Eileen Gould suggests shades of blue as colors that can be used in interior design. She has worked on projects where she has incorporated the color blue with a violet-red undertone. This is a shade that stands out and sets a serene but bold mood and tone to the space.

Combined with a neutral shade, bright colors tend to complement each other.

  • Green Inspired by Nature

Greens are colors that add a spin to timeless classics whether used with neutral tones for indoor spaces or mixed with more vibrant colours. Gould believes that green is a safe color to play with and can do wonders for the interior.

It can look very subtle and calm, but a mix of popping colors can make it look bold. Depending on the room and personal preference, green can be a classic and modern color to add to the design.

Some of the top green colors Eileen Gould chooses to play with are:

  • Fernwood Green, October Mist, and High Park
  • Evergreen Fog, Rosemary, Cucuzza Verde, and Basque Greens
  • Olive Sprig
  • Guacamole
  • Blanched Thyme


  • Whites with Warm Linens are the Way to go

A designer who knows her way around color trends and how to inspire a whole living according to them, Eileen Gould has developed spaces with the perfect color schemes. The concept of Uber-clean neutral colors that combine and connect spaces in the house prevails.  

This color trend aligns just perfectly with the modern trends of interior design. It focuses on minimalism aesthetics, which is undoubtedly a trend that is not going to go away for a long, long time.

Grays and blues are old news. They are alternated with creamy white and beiges, blended with jewel tones. Eileen Gould believes that whites can be incorporated into hallways and entrances to connect spaces.

Some of the popular blues and whites recommended by designers are:

  • Steam, Natural Linen and Morning Dew
  • Accessible Beige, Shoji White, Beige, High Reflective White, and Alabaster
  • Gilded Linen and Subtle Peach


  • Shades of Yellow

As we see the classic 70s and 80s coming back in style, a pop of shades in yellow and pastels are used to create a contemporary, trendy and playful look. Yellow is a safe color that keeps the overall mood joyful. 

Vibrant colors like yellow tend to embody the essence of joy and happiness. Imagine adding color and setting a happy mood in the space.

As per the rising trends, the following shades of yellow are most likely to be integrated into interior design and home decor for 2022:

  • Pale Moon
  • Chartreuse and Peace Yellow
  • Country Charm and Delightful Moon

If you are in search of someone reliable who can help you design your space, keeping your preferences and the current trends in mind, Eileen Gould is your key. With her extensive experience and multiple projects in this field, she is sure to guide you better.

Colors change like the seasons. One thing I know for sure is don’t be trendy. You may want to paint an accent wall or get a throw pillow in the latest color, however, keep your larger pieces such as countertops, flooring, and furniture, timeless.

The best way to know the year’s color is to check the fashion and the bedding, especially towels. Before the design market, these industries get their new colors out immediately and advertise heavily.

Every paint manufacturer has a colour of the year. Before making a final decision on paints, please sample the colors in several different areas, and in several different lights.

Colors will have different elements in different lights. Explore the feeling and see what resonates with your style.

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