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Reviews and Testimonials

Every client is important to us. We are dedicated to making each job uniquely tailored to your needs and gaining a customer for life. In turn we thrive based on your referrals. Your feedback makes us a better company. Please feel free to leave us a review or contact us with a testimonial.

What people are saying about us

Eileen is wonderful. Sweet, lady. She is at the site by my condo nearly every morning when I’m on my jog, doing her supervising of a remodel she’s on right now. I really wish I used her instead of another woman and her team who took sooo long and were rude and actually kinda arrogant after I made a deposit!  (That woman came highly recommended by our realtor…oh well.)

Joan Howard

I am honored that I had the opportunity to meet you in person. Quite a number of years ago, I saw you on HGTV and subsequently checked your website. Your designs and expertise are amazing! Moving Seniors Forward will certainly benefit from your wonderful gifts!

Barbara Brooks

Eileen is an absolute joy to work with! I have remodeled my entire house and she is bringing this project in on time despite the many changes I have made. She is creative, trustworthy, caring, always positive, has wonderful subs, always available. I can’t say enough good things about this experience. She is a stress-reducer!

Leslie Eichenbaum

Eileen Gould was a referral from a good friend. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed working with Eileen on our full kitchen remodel. I was especially impressed with all the people she called on to work the various stages of the project; from demolition to final inspections. She addressed all concerns I had, she offered excellent guidance, and her entire team was a delight to have working in my home. All showed respect and care for my home and took great pride in their individual craft. I’m very pleased with the outcome. I have my dream kitchen. Thanks so much Eileen!

Terrie Bagnuolo

Eileen, I want to thank you so much again for another fabulous job and to take this opportunity to let you know how much I really enjoy working with you. This small bathroom is a perfect example; you took one look and instantly told me about a tile you had in mind, and it was perfect! Some women like running around and agonizing over all the choices out there – not me! When you suggest a color (as you did with our entire Malibu home) – it was exactly what we wanted, when you brought me a tile sample; that was it. I feel confident about the choices you have helped us make over the many years we’ve been working together and am looking forward to working with you soon on another remodel. You are a designing rock star (and a doll) – smart, competent and the best compliment I can think of comes from my husband who, like you, is also a General Contractor. Whenever you think of doing anything with your house, he always says “Talk to Eileen first”

Lori Gray

Eileen Gould melded her extensive knowledge of design styles and experience with my personal taste to give me an absolutely phenomenal bathroom that exceeded my expectations. All my family loved the functionality and the beautiful design of the new bathroom. I asked her to remodel our other bathroom and it is now in progress.

Eileen Gould has a cherry, joyous personality (a ray of sunshine) every time she interacted with me. She is an excellent project manager; she is on top of all details with her team and sub-contractors. Her team is always professional, upbeat and has great attention to detail.

I have received many compliments about my bathroom from friends, family and colleagues. I strongly recommend Eileen Gould.

Leslie Ann Ingram

Eileen’s experience as both a designer and general contractor is apparent. As a developing designer I had many questions. Eileen not only answered all of them, but challenged my -and what I believe to be many designer’s- preconceived notions of a designer’s involvement in their projects. Her clients every concern was of utmost importance to maintaining the vision of a project.

The attitude she has towards her clients came as a pleasant surprise. She genuinely cares about those she works with, and this is reflected in her work and her attention to detail. I was able to see her entire design method, from conception & construction to completion. Every step and detail was of equal importance to the process. It was evident Eileen was concerned about all projects she was working on by getting involved every work day without fail, never pushing matters to the back burner.

One of my biggest challenges as a Canadian resident was educating myself on American products, but Eileen was extremely knowledgeable when it came to brand selections for both style and budget concerns.

If I were to take away one thing from my time spent with Eileen, it would be the importance of continuing education. What is so admirable about Eileen’s practice is that she understands that the industry is always changing, and despite her knowledge and experience, she constantly aims to improve her skill-set.

I feel lucky to have worked with someone who, in my opinion, sets the bar higher for other designers.

Emma, Eileen's Intern

My wife and I hired Eileen for a complete remodel/restoration project on our house’s kitchen, master bathroom, office, garage and powder room. Eileen and her crew of top-notch subcontractors worked tirelessly to achieve this goal, and the net result is that we have a beautiful house that we are so proud to call our home! Along the way, we also made improvements to the electrical wiring and installed high-efficiency lighting. We are extremely grateful to Eileen and her team for the tremendous quality of their output along with careful attention to aesthetically pleasing details throughout the house. During the full duration of this project, Eileen was always accessible to us either via phone or available to meet in person. Home improvement projects can be very stressful to the home-owner, but with Eileen in charge we felt that our house was in extremely capable hands. We enthusiastically recommend Eileen on the strength of her high-quality output and beautiful end results

Kunal Karandikar

Hello Eileen,

Last week my 2nd year ID students shared (presentations) with the 1st year students about their experience during their summer internships. All were inspiring, however Rachel’s was over-whelming so. I had 3 students approach me immediately after interested in doing an internship with you. So my question is; would you consider doing this again and if so, is there a possibility you might take 2 student interns?

Thank you again Eileen for having Rachel as part of your team this past summer. She’s a fabulous young woman with all the qualities necessary for a successful career in this industry and the opportunity you gave her is priceless.



Jude Barkley-Smith

 I was referred to Eileen Gould Design and Construction Inc. by my realtor as the best general contractor for our remodel and design work.  We found Eileen to be an exceptional talent.  We purchased a Townhouse near the Santa Monica Mountains as an escape from the darkness and rain of the Seattle winters.  The place required a total remodel to fit our needs, though the location and underlying architecture were perfect for us.  Eileen was a dynamo as a general contractor lining up terrific subcontractors for flooring, tile, electrical, granite and cabinet installation.  She was able to perfectly incorporate our general ideas with her interior design talent to produce exactly what we wanted, all done from afar, in an absolute record time of 6 weeks.  The quality of the work was superb and her availability was 100%.  Really an unbelievable experience after what we have always heard about remodels.  We could not give her higher praise.  A true professional in every sense of the word.

Robert W Murray MD

 Joy: Please tell Eileen that Jim and Meg Haney are ecstatic that the kitchen project turned out so well. They were pleased with the professionalism, timeliness and cleanliness of the people who worked on the project. Jim said their expectations were exceeded. Thank you for your successful project.

Ann Everts

 The final results are wonderful. Eileen is welcome to come by and take pictures. I still need to frame the kitchen window, but everything else is done (floor and appliances). Thanks again, we will definitely recommend you.

Jim Haney

Your new web site is wonderful! The newsletter is a great idea. I admire how well you juggle everything and accomplish so much. Adam’s downtown condo still looks lovely. I am so grateful and appreciative of all of your help. How lucky I was to have you answer my email request for your help.

I hope all is well for you and your family,

Lou Rosenfeld - Houston

 “The window treatments are gorgeous!!!!  They really finish the job.  Thank you so much for adding warmth and style to our home.  We love it!  You and your staff did an outstanding job.  I can’t thank you enough.  I will recommend you to all of my friends.  Take care. Thank you!”

Nancy Daly

 “We are enjoying our bathrooms and closet so much that it seems like they have always been that way. We hardly remember how it was before-or we don’t want to remember.”

Karl & Betsy Zentner

 “We had a vision for a future second story. Eileen saw our vision and made it happen. She is a pistol… every commitment (schedule, estimate, etc) was met. We also knew that Eileen only recommends the best.  We never had to question quality—every textile, element or craftsman was simply the best there is.  Our second story master suite is a true retreat.  We love every minute we get to spend in our new space. Eileen Gould Design and Construction Inc. was not the lowest bid—but it was an excellent example of getting what you pay for.  We chose the higher bid and never regretted it.There were no price increases for construction surprises and no price increases for better quality options.The price simply included everything—which made the whole process entirely enjoyable…”

Amy L. Callister

 “Eileen, My purple kitchen is SOOOOO beautiful! The purple is actually the softest, prettiest mauve which blends so nicely with the mural. The appliances and the floor tile all set it off so nicely. I absolutely LOVE the color! And you will too!”

Pat Carlson

 “Thank you and your employers/subcontractors for the excellent and timely work accomplished improving our office building. We are purring along smoothly in a comfortable and productive environment—also greatly facilitated by your design ideas.”

Booth Harris, President, Dynatest Consulting

 “As a representative of the people who occupy the twenty offices that will be painted, I thank you wholeheartedly for your expert advice. You were instrumental in choosing the best colors for the entire floor, and we are really looking forward to the positive difference that will be made!”

Janis Berman, Director of Governmental Relations, City of Los Angeles

 “We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the way that our house looks. All the hard work, all the decisions you helped us with, all of the contractors you brought in (the “Mission Impossible” team of the renovation world)—all paid off. We are completely delighted with you and would recommend your services to anyone without a moment’s hesitation.”

Lisa Haller & Scott Goldman

 “We have used Eileen Gould Design & Construction, Inc. to do all the flooring, lighting, painting and furniture in our new home.  We are so pleased with the design, her work people and the total experience.  The moldings were exquisite as well as the built-in bookcases. We highly recommend Eileen Gould Design & Construction.”

Ed & Marylee Umbrasas