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Eye On Design

Eye on Design will save you money, time and trouble on your next remodel


Only $12.95 — & you can save thousands of dollars!

Eileen Gould’s book, Eye on Design, provides dozens of money-saving tips and strategies for those about to consider remodeling.

Whether you’re starting with a new house or want to give a new look to your current home, the ideas in this book will save you time, money and headaches.

What readers say about Eye on Design:

“Eye on Design is such a great little gem. It made me understand what really goes into a remodel.”
—Julie P.

“I really appreciated how Eileen broke down the design process to such simple steps. We were kind of nervous about our project, but after reading through Eye on Design, the whole process seemed a lot less scary.”
—Tim and Brenda S.

“I loved the comic like pictures! Made the book so enjoyable! And the after pictures made me really excited to start my remodel.”
—Evelyn G.

“We were so nervous about re-doing our kitchen. Our friends had nothing but horror stories about contractors and the mess. And since it was such a big investment, we weren’t really sure how to proceed. Then we met Eileen and she gave us a copy of Eye on Design. After reading how easy she made the process appear we knew we were in good hands and now have a beautiful new space!”
—Phil and Patty M.

“Love the book—great little reference piece…and piece of mind…”
—Allison K.

“Googled and researched Eileen’s firm and could not find any bad reviews. Then I got her book and after reading through it, I knew I had to have her do my master suite.”
—Ann S.