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Breaking Up (a Large Space) Isn’t Hard To Do

Do you have a large space in your home or office that needs some special attention in order to transform it into the inviting area you’ve always imagined it could be? In the world of interior design, this is one of the more frequent requests we receive from our clients. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home.” But when it comes to a room in your house or place of work, this can only be the case when you are able to make it comfortable for everyone to be in.

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New Interior Design Trends for Fall and Beyond

Fall has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited. This time of the year without a doubt presents some of the best opportunities to watch all of the newest, most buzzworthy interior design trends unveil themselves and unfold – sometimes in multiple stages.

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The New Wave of Wall Coverings

Take a moment to think about your home or business office. Now, how much wall space does it have? While that may seem like an odd question, it is meant to prepare you for our next question: excluding artwork or bookshelves, how much of your wall space is coated with… merely paint? If your answer is, “most,” or “all of it,” you’re certainly not in the minority. That means there’s a terrific opportunity to jump out of the norm and explore the possibilities that wall coverings have to offer.

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The Case for LED Lighting

On numerous occasions in our blog, we’ve discussed the enormous importance of lighting. But we’ve never fully given LED lighting the attention that it truly deserves. Today, that error shall be rectified. Arguably, no other type of lighting has emerged over the years to become the fun, versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective source that LED (“light-emitting diode”) has. Interior designers and builders love it for just those reasons, and we think you’ll soon feel the same way.

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Transform Your Attic Into an Interior Design Miracle

Attics are an odd duck, rarely given the design attention they truly deserve. What other room in the house offers so much square footage of space, unobstructed by furniture, appliances or built-ins? This is especially true of homes built before the mid-twentieth century. Many of these attics span the entire length and width of the home, gifting us with endless creative possibilities. And yet…

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Fabulous Flooring Ideas for a Flawless Interior

Often in interior design articles, extra emphasis is placed on popular subjects such paint and lighting. After all, these elements – and the choices made around them – can dramatically alter an environment. But there is another piece of the puzzle that is equally capable of instantly transforming a space: your flooring.

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Deck Design Ideas Just In Time For Spring

One of the greatest things about West Coast living is definitely the weather. Here it is, the middle of March, and the mercury is already topping 80 degrees. Weather like this inevitably makes you want to get outside and enjoy it. A deck could be the perfect way for your family to soak up the sun this spring and summer without having to stray from your home base.

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Designing a Rec Room: Throw Yourself Into It

We all could use a getaway every now and then. Someplace we can go to let loose, blow off some steam and be the slightly sillier, more carefree versions of ourselves. And while places like Puerto Vallarta, Belize and the South of France may come to mind, chances are they may not be fiscally possible options – at least on a daily basis. But there’s another great solution: your very own recreation room.

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Foyers, Lobbies, & Entryways: Design for your personal style

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. They’re right. And whether we’re talking home or office, a beautiful foyer or a cool lobby area are magnificent introductions to a space. The right design can create a great mood that last through the entire cocktail party you’ve thrown. Or it can set the tone for a productive board meeting or job interview with a hot new candidate. Regardless, if you want to impress your company and make them comfortable while doing so, start with what’s behind door number one (the front door – just to clarify).

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Design Options for Closets, Wardrobes & Dressing Areas

This post, we’re going to discuss an area of your home that generally no one gets to see except you. It may often be untidy or disheveled, but the feeling of tranquility and comfort that it can bring is nearly unparalleled. It is a highly personal space. And depending on the size of your house, and/or the design or construction budget you are working with, it can be as small as a item of furniture, or as large as an entire room. Figured it out yet? Of course, we’re talking about your closet. Read more →