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February, 2018

Fine Dining Rooms: Imagination To Inspiration

The dining room can be an odd duck. In some homes, it is the place where – without fail – the entire family convenes for a great meal sprinkled with lively conversation about the day ahead, or the one that just ended. It is the common site of parties, reunions and get-togethers, and its walls echo with sounds of laughter and joy long after everyone has gone.

Yet, in other homes, the dining room takes on an almost museum-like quality; often containing furniture and other pieces that would make many a gallery owner salivate, these dining rooms are indeed works of art… that no one ever gets to go into. Rather, it is to be watched from beyond, like a moon landing.

OK, that was a bit dramatic.

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Changing the Way You View Your Laundry Room

What does your laundry room look like right now?

Truly, that question was not meant to scare or shame you. But it’s no secret that many laundry rooms throughout American homes resemble the aftermath of a hurricane. Or at least a Category One something. And who can blame us? Most people don’t expect to have any visitors in there. Even when we give tours of our homes, we generally tend to just scoot quickly by the laundry area, or – in the case of it being in the kitchen or another public space – hide telltale signs of dirty clothes lurking there until those visitors exit the premises. Or we assign “laundry duty” to that closet down at the far end of our long hallway. Anything to hide that stuff.

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