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January, 2018

Make Room For Baby: Designing the Nursery

This year, so many of us seem to be excited about new changes on the horizon. We’re looking forward to showing the world what we have to offer in both our personal and professional lives. All that beautiful buzz got us to thinking about the beauty of newness. And what could be newer and more beautiful than a new baby in the family? This edition of our blog is dedicated to bringing you a few nursery construction and design ideas for the little one that one you or someone you love may be expecting.

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Great News in Storage for 2018!

It’s the new year. We hope you enjoyed a safe and fun celebration as you brought in 2018. Not sure about you, but at Eileen Gould Design & Construction, we’re raring to get the new year going. Perhaps as you sweep up rogue confetti and put away the new gifts, you’re pondering, “Where am I going to put all of this new stuff?” No worries – we’ve got you covered. There are loads of great, innovative storage ideas out there, and today is our opportunity to discuss some of them.

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