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July, 2017

The Case for LED Lighting

On numerous occasions in our blog, we’ve discussed the enormous importance of lighting. But we’ve never fully given LED lighting the attention that it truly deserves. Today, that error shall be rectified. Arguably, no other type of lighting has emerged over the years to become the fun, versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective source that LED (“light-emitting diode”) has. Interior designers and builders love it for just those reasons, and we think you’ll soon feel the same way.

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Transform Your Attic Into an Interior Design Miracle

Attics are an odd duck, rarely given the design attention they truly deserve. What other room in the house offers so much square footage of space, unobstructed by furniture, appliances or built-ins? This is especially true of homes built before the mid-twentieth century. Many of these attics span the entire length and width of the home, gifting us with endless creative possibilities. And yet…

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