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February, 2017

Foyers, Lobbies, & Entryways: Design for your personal style

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. They’re right. And whether we’re talking home or office, a beautiful foyer or a cool lobby area are magnificent introductions to a space. The right design can create a great mood that last through the entire cocktail party you’ve thrown. Or it can set the tone for a productive board meeting or job interview with a hot new candidate. Regardless, if you want to impress your company and make them comfortable while doing so, start with what’s behind door number one (the front door – just to clarify).

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Design Options for Closets, Wardrobes & Dressing Areas

This post, we’re going to discuss an area of your home that generally no one gets to see except you. It may often be untidy or disheveled, but the feeling of tranquility and comfort that it can bring is nearly unparalleled. It is a highly personal space. And depending on the size of your house, and/or the design or construction budget you are working with, it can be as small as a item of furniture, or as large as an entire room. Figured it out yet? Of course, we’re talking about your closet. Read more →